Friday, April 20, 2007

Frugal Fridays`Rowenta Iron, and Other Garage Sale Finds

Last week Sweetie and I went to a neighborhood wide Garage Sale. About 40 or so house participated. I think we found a few good items. I am kind of new to garage sales. It just seems like a hassle to get up really early on Saturday morning to see *if* you can find something. But we really did have fun. I may of bought a few items that were not worth buying, but oh well, I am living and I am learning! :)
One thing that I do know that I found a good deal on is this Rowenta Iron. I know that this is a good brand of iron, and I have always wanted one since Teri Maxwell at recommends one; but my Black and Decker Iron worked just fine, for the little ironing that I do.
I found this Iron at the sale for only $2. I believe that my model is worth about $50 retail. There are a few rust spots on it that are really minute, but I would like to somehow get them off. Is there anyone out there that knows how to take the rust spots off? The lady said it works just fine, it was just that she had too many irons already. Hopefully she was telling the truth. I have yet to try it out. She also says it gets *really* hot, and that was something that she did not like.

I also found this picture at the sale. I paid $5.00. It looks like it originally came from the store Garden Ridge, and the price on the back is $129.00. There isn't any glass in the frame, and the frame was coming apart a bit, which I discovered *after* I bought it. But I nailed it back together, and it is holding up really well now. :)

Sweetie found this game at an older couples house. I remembered playing this game with my mom, and it was a favorite. The price was $1.50. I said that she could buy something at the sale, but She kept picking up these junkie toys that I knew I was going to end up giving away anyway. So I was glad when she found this. I am calling it vintage, because the copyright says 1960. I am not sure if that is when the game itself was made, or if it is just the copyright on the game itself, but it is pretty "vintage" looking to me! :)
The girls and I have had a lot of fun playing the game since we bought it. There was also an older version of Candy Land. I was really tempted to buy it too, because it *did* look very vintage. But we already have *two* at home, so I decided not to.
Then I found this wreath at one of the last houses we stopped at. It was priced at $5.00, but I asked if they would take $3.00, and the man of the house said sure, just hurry and get it before his wife came out and found out! Ha ha! :)
I also bought a food vacuum sealer, but when I showed it to my husband he was like, "When was that made, like the 70's or something?" I said, "The man told me it was brand new." The foam *is* still in the box that it was packaged in. But hubby said that he and his family had one when he was a little kid, and it never worked right. I went online and tried to find info on the one I bought. It has mixed reviews, being that, when you put an item into the freezer, it comes out unsealed. We shall see what happens I suppose.

You can Find More frugal tips and Ideas at Bibical Womanhood.


Lady Why said...

It sounds like you did a fabulous job!! I am a garage sale enthusiast and I never miss a Saturday!! I would have snapped up that Rowenta! Great deal!!! Also, the vintage game would be my husband's first choice. He buys vintage toys at yard sales and thrift stores and then sells them for a hefty profit on ebay. It's time very well spent! I love your wreath and picture too. And, if your food sealer turns out to be a dud, don't worry. That happens from time to time but by and large the wonderful deals outweigh the few bad items you'll buy.

Keep up the good work!!

Mrs. C said...

I wish I would have been there to go yard-saling with you! :-)

I used to own a Rowenta (an $80 model), but one time a family member set it on top of the stove to cool while the burner was ON, so the cord was damaged and it never did work quite right again.

The wreath you purchased looks very pretty!

Rebecca said...

I, too, have been after a Rowenta. Thanks for encouraging me to persist in finding a good deal.

LOVE the wreath!

G.P. said...

Ah persistence AND patience... a perfect combo

Thanx for stopping by and visiting my canine companion :)

Thanx for the tips too
GP in Montana

Kathryn said...

I read that you can clean an iron with vinegar, but I don't know if it would work on rust... I would definately check first with someone who would really knows...oh, I just looked this up to see if I was right, hope this helps.

Both of these tips are on this site
(sorry, didn't know how to link it.)

Clean mineral deposits from a steam iron -
Fill the water tank with Heinz White Vinegar. Turn the iron to the steam setting and steam-iron a soft utility rag to clean the steam ports. Repeat the process with water, then thoroughly rinse out the inside of your iron.

Clean rust from tools, bolts, and spigots -
Soak the rusted tool, bolt, or spigot in undiluted Heinz White Vinegar overnight.

sorry if I sent this twice.