Friday, March 30, 2007

Vacuum Give Away Contest

I found out from my friend, Mrs. C. Over at Riverbend Ramblings , that there is a Dyson Vacuum giveaway contest. It is really easy to enter. Five Minutes for Mom, is hosting the giveaway, and all you have to do to enter is sign the Mr. Linky here and then link the contest to your blog.
I have really been needing a new vacuum. We are still using the one that my husband had in college. It is still working, but one day it is going to give up the ghost. It is about eight or nine years old.

Firm Foundations Lesson 1- Introducing the Bible

Note* I will be posting these Bible Studies in the side bar of the blog. You can clink on the link to get which study you want. But I strongly recomend that you start in the beginning. I also suggest that you order your own copy of Frim Foundations, which can be ordered from here:

When I first began the Chronological Bible study, I wasn’t too excited about it. Since we were going to be beginning in the beginning, it seemed like it was going to be “boring”. After all, I had been to Bible College, and I already “knew” all that stuff. I wanted to get to the important parts, lol!
So when the 1st lesson was the “The Bible” it seemed like I was going to hear the same ol’ same ol’. But I was pleasantly surprised and relieved at the same time. I didn’t know that I had misconceptions about the Bible.

The unique approach of the New Tribes Study is that God is the focus of the Study. Where as, when I usually study the Bible, I am studying a “topic” rather than God. I remember before I even heard about the study, praying and saying, “God, I don’t really *know* you. I so much want to *know* you! I know a lot about you, but I don’t really know what you are like.” About a month or so later, I came into contact with these missionaries, who are teaching the study.

And that is the purpose of the study. God is the focus.
The biggest misconception of the Bible that I had was that I thought God gave it to us for the express purpose of telling us what to do, and how to do it. And if I didn’t; look out! While that is true in a way, that isn’t and wasn’t the express purpose of the Bible. The Bible is *about* God. And the neat thing is that God *gave* us the Bible so we could learn to *know* him. *HE* is the central character of the Bible. Not the rules, not the “good” people, not the “bad” people, but God himself. He gave it to us, so we can get to know HIM. After I thought about that, the first time I heard it, I was like, “Wow! What a *privilege* and what a *blessing* to have the Bible. God didn’t *have* to give us His Word at All. He gave it to us because He wants us. He wants to have a personal relationship with us. Isn’t that amazing!

Who is God? What does He do? What is He like? How does He relate to man? These were questions that I consistently had, and do have. I thought that I had a good working knowledge of the Bible, but after going to this study for a while I found that I am all mixed up. Because I get a little truth here, and a little truth there, and somehow *I* am supposed to fit the puzzle together. The Bible wasn’t meant to be studied like that. Starting in the beginning, it is easier to build precept upon precept and make more sense of the Bible.

The Bible is not just a book of doctrines, or teachings *about* God; it is the story of history as seen from God’s perspective. This is so important to understand, because when man tries to view God and history from his perspective he can get pretty messed up. I know that I have had an unhealthy view of God. Sometimes that unhealthy view has made me angry towards Him. It has made me doubt His love. It has made me doubt His Provision. Oh, yea, I had the Bible verses that showed me that He was all these wonderful things, but how did I really know? That is what is neat about the Chronological approach. It is God’s own recounting of history from the beginning of How He is. We walk through the Bible learning little by little and seeing how God reveals himself with His own character, about Satan, and about mankind as He demonstrates His attributes in all the well known Bible stories that we learned as Children. But what was wrong about those stories when we were children, is that God got left out. The teachers made the man to be the hero; not God.

God wrote the Bible Himself, and it is important, because it is about *Himself* God does not change, and the Bible is not mere men’s ideas, but God’s own words. God is the Author.

Books written by men must be changed with the passing of time, as men discover things that they didn’t know before. But God’s Word has NEVER changed. It can be counted on, because God wrote it.

The Bible is not just another “religious book” Many men have tried to write books explaining what God is like, and because they are looking at God from their own perspective, they have made God into something that He is not. God reveals himself to us through His *own* Word. God tells us who He is: what He wants us to know about Him. What He is like. Isn’t that amazing!

The Bible is God’s voice speaking to us. Through His Word He shows what we really are like inside. It is God’s personal message to each of us, and it is the most important message we will ever be given. The Bible alone tells us what God thinks of us and what He sees as our greatest need. Isn’t that wonderful!? God wants us to know *him* and He is concerned about our greatest need!

So when I looked at it from that perspective, I found an amazing thing. God wants me to “know” Him! As I know my children, as I know my mom and dad, as I know my husband. God *wants* me! And He gave me His Word, so I can discover how great He is! What an amazing, loving God.

Thank you Lord, for your Word! Thank you for giving me to me, a human that has spoken many times against you! I have never really looked at things from your perspective. I never took into account how you feel about things. I have always been concerned for me, myself, and I. I have used you as a Genie to get what I want. I never took into account of what you wanted! Oh Lord, I am so sorry! Please, forgive me for being so self-centered. Lord I want to know *you*! I want to understand *you*. I want a relationship with you, as you had planned from the beginning. I love you! I am so sorry that I had perceived you wrongly. Teach me about you. Help me to discover how great you truly are. I love you!
And please Lord put the desire into other’s heart to want to get to know you. Please help them discover how much you Love them also, and want a personal relationship with them too. Please let them turn their focus off themselves and start looking at things from your perspective.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Firm Foundations

Every Wednesday night I have been going to a Bible study hosted by some New Tribes Missionaries. The Bible study is a Chronological approach to Salvation. This studies main focus though, is not what man needs to *do* to be saved, but what *God* has already *done* for man.
This is the study that the New Tribes Mission uses to evangelize tribes that have never even heard of God the Creator; as well as tribes that have made a profession of faith without really understanding salvation to begin with.
God is the focus of the study, and its intended purpose is to build faith in God as the person studies the Word of God; and finds out who God is as he has revealed himself to man in the Bible. It begins in the beginning of the Bible, and each "bible" story that we know takes on a different perspective as God becomes the hero, and man is the sinner, who believes God.
Usually, when we hear different Bible stories, such as David and Goliath, or Noah and the ark, or Moses and the 10 commandments, we see the greatness of man. But in this study, we see the sinfulness of man, and the absolute greatness of God, as God deals with man according to his Justice, Grace, Mercy, Love, Holiness, etc. Our faith in God is increased as we see who he really is. More than our minds could of ever fathomed.
This study has been slowly changing my perspective on the character of God. I had always "known" He was those things, but I really didn't understand "how" he was, until I have *seen* Him with the way He has dealt with man in history past. I am finding Him to be so great and wonderful, while I am so little and nothing. My faith in his character is becoming more grounded in *him*.
While this study is intended for salvation, it is also a great study to become more grounded in one's walk with the Lord, because you start to *know* him on a more personal level. It is also for the purpose to help those who have doubts about their salvation and have a more clear understanding of salvation.
So far, in this study, we have come to Abraham. But I am going to share with you what I have been learning in this study. There are some thought provoking things, that many skip over, as they read the Bible. But I am discovering little treasures of truth, and finding out the character of God through these treasures. It is amazing! So tomorrow, I will post what I have learned about God's Word, aka, The Bible. Some amazing things, that I did not know, that has really helped me, and I pray will help you too.
Here is a link where you can order one for yourself if you want to.

Camping In the Living Room

Sweetie always loves the concept of camping, so on Tuesday, we got out all the blankets, and set up camp. The girls were amazed at mommy's tent making capabilities. Sweetie asked me a couple of times, if I was "sure" I knew what I was doing. When I said that I used to do this all the time when I was a little girl, she said, "WOW!".
After we made the tent, we had some problems with Tiny Boy taring it down. He thought that taking the walls down was a great idea. When he did it, he would squeal with glee. Both girls did not like that, and kept saying, "Tiny Boy, you naughty boy!" And then cried.
Amidst Tiny Boy trying to take the tent down, and the girls crying, we read a few books. Corduroy, Carrot Seed, The Snowy Day, and The ABC Bunny. After we read the books. Bean and Tiny Boy went down for their naps, but I let Sweetie take her rest time in the tent, which she thought was the best idea.
I need to do this more often, because the girls thought that this was the greatest thing I ever did at the time.
After the nap, both Bean and Tiny Boy had a wonderful time demolishing the tent, much to Sweetie's dismay. I promised her that we would build another tent again.
As soon as Daddy came home, the girls excitedly told him about their day of "camping".

Meet "Alydia"

We had the fun opportunity of Watching the girls Aunt and Uncles Dog, "Molly" . Since Molly has left Sweetie has been playing with this little toy doggie, which she named "Alydia". Sweetie wanted to feed the doggie, so we put some cheerios into a measuring cup that had a broken handle. I thought that it looked so cute myself that I took a picture of "Alydia" enjoying her "dog food".

Daddy's Little Princess

When I came home from the Bible Study Last night, Daddy told me that Bean got all dressed up in her Pink Princess costume. She came out of her room, went up to Daddy, and said, "Daddy I am now ready to marry you!" I was like, "Ohhhhh how sweet! Did that melt your heart?" Daddy said with a little grin, "A little". I guess girls know how to get to their Daddy's heart.

Jesus Died For Her Naughtiness

Since reading "The Lamb", the girls are having an awareness of sin and salvation. When Sweetie was being naughty, I asked her, "Sweetie, are you being naughty?" Sweetie looked guilty and wouldn't answer me, but then Bean piped up and said, "Yea, but Jesus died on the cross for her naughtiness!"

I found that interesting, because Bean is only three years old, but she is making a connection between being naughty and Jesus dieing for that naughtiness. I am praying that they will both come to a more clear understanding of salvation.
Sweetie was telling me the other day that she did not want to die. I said, "Well, what are you going to do so you don't have to?" She said, "Ummmm, be good!". So that pointed a clue to me, that she doesn't clearly understand. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will reveal to her, that no matter how good she tries to be, it won't merit her a place in heaven.
I remember being so confused about this when I was little. I thought that all those who loved Jesus would go to heaven, and all those who acted like the Devil would go to Hell. I was pushed into praying a prayer when I was four years old, because I was told only those who were saved got the cute little New Testament with Jesus on the front. So I prayed a prayer for the VBS teacher so I could get that Bible! I banked my salvation on that prayer for a long time. I certainly loved Jesus! I hated the Devil, but I had never come to terms that I was a sinner before God, and deserved to go to Hell. It took me a long time to understand that too!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Skate Boarding Dog-Worth Your Time to See

In A Bible Study I am attending, there is an older gentlemen in his early 90's that always jokes as he leaves that he is going to go and skate board. That always tickles me, so when I saw this video I thought of Mr. F.

Just Click on the link and watch. I must warn you though, some of the adds on the side bar can be dangerous.

Bean's Third Birthday

Bean and Tiny Boy share the same birthday month. Thankfully his is in the beginning and hers at the end of the month. It gives me time to plan and breath in between. We celebrated Bean's a week after her original birthday, so that actually put her into another month.

The theme we decided on were horses. Bean likes horses; although the real kind are a little intimidating to her. I had this brilliant idea of asking a neighbor if he would be willing to bring a miniature horse for the children to pet at Bean's party. But it rained that afternoon, and there were scheduling conflicts on top of that, so that didn't fit into the plan. Thankfully, Bean forgot about "that" part, and I didn't tell any of her friends the plans.

We began the party by playing Horse, Horse, Pony, which is just like Duck, Duck, Goose. All the children liked the variation on that game. When it was Bean's turn to be the pony, she went around the circle of kids saying, "Horse, Horse, Horse, Horse, GOOSE!" She forgot the variation in the heat of the moment.

The next game, was a variation of "Hot Potato". We called it "Vice Horsey". In the world of horses, a vice is a naughty habit that a horse has. Our horse had the vice of biting, so we didn't want to keep him in our hands for very long. The music we used to play "Vice Horsey" was The William Tell Overture, which all the kids knew from The Lone Ranger. That added to their excitement.
For Prizes I bought blue ribbons at the party store and gave it to the blue ribbon winner.

I also made the kids Horsey head bands like the ones seen here. Sorry I can't show you the ones I made because the're other children in the picture, and I don't have permission from the parents to put it up here.

While Daddy made our menu of Hot Dogs and Chips, each child colored a picture of a horse. One of the little girls colored her's for Bean since she was the "birthday" girl. Isn't that sweet?

We then ate the hot dogs, chips and soda. After everyone had their fill, we did the "cake" which were Cupcakes, spread with green frosting, with a horse figurine placed on top. I piped on some pink and purple flowers on the "grass" per Bean's request. I then placed them all together on a cake plate, which made it look like a herd of running horses. It was pretty cool.

Bean sort of spit on everyone's cup cake though, as she tried to blow out her candles. She got two out, and asked the little boy sitting next to her to blow out the last one.

After cake, we all went to the living room where Bean opened gifts. From Grandma and Grandpa in another state she got beautiful dresses for church and a puzzle, From Nana and Papaw she got a bathing suit and a Leap pad Bingo Game. From another little Girl, she was given Candy Land, and from Nana's friend she received Poly Pocket Cinderella, much to her older sister's dismay.

Mommy and Daddy got her a live sized Baby Doll on her "real" Birthday, which has scared me a couple of times, because I was thinking it was Little Tiny Boy, laying there all!

At the end of the party we gave each little girl and boy, a bag of "goodies". The girls got play dough, a horse pencil, a little pony figurine, Smarties, and My Little Pony Gummy snacks. The boys got the same thing, but instead of the pony figurine they had another figurine like they had on their cupcake, and pencils with cars on them, and a bean bag sport ball.

We had a fun time!
Bean Opening her Leap Pad Game
Trying so hard to get into Cinderalla
Polly Pocket
Tiny Boy found something he can play with
The Doll we got Bean is to the left

The Table Setting, and a Close up of the Herd of Horses. A Far away View of the Table. Notice Bean getting all excited about "her" table in the mirror.

Little Tiny Boy's First Birthday

Looks like a closed case

For each of our children's birthday's we have carried on a tradition that was done on Daddy's mom's side of the family. The 1st Birthday is celebrated with a Train Cake.

My mother in law made Sweeties first cake when she came to help celebrate her birthday. For Bean's she sent me the pans so I could make the cake. So of course we carried on the tradition with Little Tiny Boy. I think it is absolutely perfect to celebrate the 1st Birthday with Trains.

We invited a family over from church that has six children total. All of the children from this family love Little Tiny Boy, and I thought that we should keep it simple and small. So we just served Cake, Ice Cream, and Coffee around 7:00pm.

Tiny Boy didn't know what to think of all the commotion! He just stared bewilderment at all the happenings going on, but his sisters were very much excited at the thought that Tiny Boy was now one. When the friends arrived, Sweetie and Bean were excitedly telling all the children that Tiny Boy was now one.

I had extra batter from the Train Cake, so I used that to make a few Cup Cakes, decorated with a smiley face. We used that as Tiny Boy's "dig in" cake, as the train cake was a bit much for him to handle.

This was his first taste of cake, so he wasn't too sure what to think, but once I put a lick of icing in his mouth he dug right in. He was making happy grunts the whole time he was eating. He basically finished up the WHOLE thing. Yummy!

We then proceeded to open gifts from everyone. Grandma and Grandpa from another state sent him some adorable outfits, and a puzzle. Nana and Papaw gave him some more outfits, and his first sippy cup. Nana's friend gave him some bright colored footed sleepers, and the family of friends gave him and every one's favorite; an activity cube with lots of bright colors.

I still can't believe he is already one!

P.S. I have a picture of the cake, but I can't post it, because it gives away Tiny boy's identity. Sorry! :(

Now Maybe this is why the girls were so

excited about Tiny Boy's First Birthday!

Yup!I think so!

"Now, Tiny Boy, you need Share!" :)

Bean's Potty Trained!!!

For those of you who are interested in knowing, Bean was pottied trained in the end of January sometime. She still has a little accident now and then, and going #2 has been a challenge. She doesn't like to be sitting when she does that, so she holds it, till I put a pull up on her for nap time or bed time. She will use that opportunity to finish up business. But she has gone # 2 on the potty; it is all psychological with her.

I think I found a way to potty train that works for me. I wait until the child is well aware (and I am too that they know) of the sensations of going potty.

Then I say to them, "OK, your a big girl now", and put them in their "big" girl panties. Give them their favorite drink (In Bean's case Capri Suns) and let them have as *much* as they want. They will have a couple of accidents, but they will be going all day, and finally learn how to control themselves. It took about a day for Bean to learn. On the second day she had about two accidents. Now she has very few, as long as I am consistent in making sure sits on the potty every two or three hours.

During the training process she got a piece of candy every time she went to the potty. She caught on to the this pretty quick, and would come tell me she needed to go potty so she could get the candy. So it was a very positive experience for her, because she drank juice that she rarely has, and ate tons of candy.

Night Light Crisis.

You may think it is funny, but maybe not as funny as I did. I was sitting down in the living room winding down from the day, (And eating a cupcake) When I hear this blood curdling scream. Daddy yells out to me from the computer room "Is that Little Tiny Boy?" So I get up half heartedly to see what is going on. The scream is coming out from the girl's room and as I get closer, I realize that there are two blood curdling screams coming from the room. I throw open the door in alarm, wondering what on earth happened thinking that maybe Sweetie fell from her bunk. As the light came on, there was Bean screaming her little heart out, nightlight in hand, trying to put it back in the socket. I said, "What on earth is wrong!?" Sweetie, screams, "The Cinderella light fell out all by itself, but Bean is trying to fix it!" They both proceed to scream again at the thought of it falling out by itself. At this point I couldn't c ontain myself, and I began to laugh, I had to leave the room.
By this time Daddy comes, because I am laughing and the girls and screaming blood curdling screams. I was laughing so hard that he told the girls that I was crying too because their light fell out. He settles them down, and I am still laughing. I come into the kitchen and I just can't stop. Daddy still didn't understand completely was going on, and so I tried to explain it to him, all the while still laughing. Finally I settled down, and then began to cry because I was laughing so hard. I don't know what tickled me so much, because I have not laughed like that since I can remember. I just could not *stop* myself, no matter how hard I tried! The look on the girls face! Bean was trying so *hard* to be the brave one, and get out of the bed in the unknown dark. And Sweetie was huddled in a ball in the corner of the wall on the top bunk just crying her eyes out, all because the night light fell out!
You may think this is strange, but I thanked the Lord for such a good laugh.

Sweeties New Talent

Sweetie has a new talent that is such a big help and blessing to me. She can corner a housefly, pick it up, tare its wings off and flush it down the toliet. She has caught about 6 or 7 of them in the last two weeks. Now how's that for a fly swatter?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Lamb

The Lamb is an AWESOME book written for the child's understanding of salvation. It starts with the creation of Angels and Lucifer, and how Lucifer and 1/3 of heaven rebelled against God.
Children are then introduced into the Creation of the World and Man, and Man's sin against God. After Adam and Eve Sinned, God promised a coming redeemer that would save them.
God then took an innocent animal and killed it instead of Adam and Eve. Signifying that blood must be shed to pay for sins.
The Lamb is introduced to show that it is a symbol of the coming Saviour. The lamb was innocent. Not guilty of sin. He had to be spotless, and he had to be male. The sinner then placed his hand on the animal as he killed it signifying his sin was placed upon the animal, and the animal is being punished for the man's sin.
Jesus Christ is then introduced as the Lamb that took our sin upon himself, and died on the cross and has paid for all of our sins. He is *our* Lamb that takes away the sin of the world that was promised to Adam and Eve in the beginning when they first sinned.
The book is divided into chapters, with questions at the end of each chapter, to make sure your child understands what you have read to them.
It doesn't gloss over important issues, such as sin, the effects of sin, God's righteousness, Holiness, Love, Mercy, Grace, and Justice. But each chapter always ends on a hopeful tone.
I have read some of it to my girls, and Sweetie has become more aware of what sin is. Also the Justice of God. She thought that God should of killed Lucifer. However, I will be praying that she understands this on her own, and I am not going to be pushing her into a decision. But, it has been helping her become more aware of what salvation really is.
It also comes with a C.D. of the whole book complete with songs sung at the end of each chapter. The book is high quality hard cover with a dust jacket, and the illustrations are superb. $16.80 is the cost plus shipping and handling. However, I think it well worth over $30, because the quality is just that good.
You can order it here

A little Spruce Up to My Bathroom


On Friday, I got a little creative, and decided to finally make my bathroom feel a little less stark and sterile. When we went shopping at Target I picked up a small cabinet/shelf combination, a bathroom rug, a toothbrush holder, and a shower caddy to hold all my shampoo. I already had a shower curtain picked up almost a year ago at Old Time Pottery.

The girls "helped" me put together my shelf. It was the first time I ever put something of that nature together myself. It has some mistakes in it, but I am quite proud that I didn't have to nag my poor husband into doing something else for me. When he saw my project, I think he was glad that I had it *almost* figured out. lol!

I took a few things from around the house and used them "accessorize" the bathroom. Now it is really relaxing in there, and I think I am going to kind of like cleaning it now too! Not as much clutter to work around.

I really would like to paint it a soft lime green to finish it up, but right now, I need to focus on more deculttering the rest of the house.


Family Outing

A Little too much enthusiasm, don't
you think?

Saturday was our cites 125 anniversary. They threw a big neighborhood celebration at a local park. We decided to take the children there as there were those huge blow up bouncers that Sweetie really loves. Bean was somewhat afraid of them, but I took her on one myself, and after that there was *no* looking back. We had a hard time getting her out of there!

The girls ended up *filthy* dirty, and all three of them HAD to get a bath. I put each one in a tub, and gave Little Tiny Boy a bath in the Kitchen sink.

At the "birthday" party they had free face painting, free balloon sculptures, free birthday cake, free Cotton Candy, and an old timey Swing Band. Of course they had trombones there. (Daddy plays one of those!) The girls were very interested in hearing the band once I pointed that out! (smile)

We also bought them some hot dogs smoothed with greasy nacho cheese. Sweetie ate hers up right quick, but Bean, was more into the cake.
Bean fell off of her chair a few times,( which is quite normal) while a few on lookers were probably wondering why her parents were laughing instead of being more sympathetic.

Bean was the only one who had her face painted because she didn't want to go on the bouncers at first.
They ended the evening with a firework display which all the children thought was fascinating.

Bean is finally attempting the Slide. On her stomach of all things!

Looks like Bean is in trouble for violating a rule.
Such as climbing *up* the slide! :)
Bean Enjoying her Hot Dog
Bean getting her purple flower. When the
lady wanted to know what Bean wanted
Bean told her "purple". So a purple flower
she got.

LOOK at that face! My little thrill seeker!
Sweetie discovering her endless possibilities!

Little Tiny Boy getting his first sink Bath.
I wonder what he thinks about it!? Hmmmm.

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Tonight when the children are in bed I am planning on doing alot more blogging to get everyone caught up with what is going on around here. Sometimes I will have interactive posts, where I will ask a question pertaining to the post to get feedback or opinions.

Having a blog makes it alot easier to keep in contact with everyone. So please participate if you can. You can remain anon if you don't want your name on the internet. Just give me hint as to who you are so I know who is talking with me. : ) Thanks!

Monday, March 26, 2007

My experience with loosing weight

I just wanted to clarify something about the exercising thing. When I had Sweetie I put on almost 60lbs. I am very short, and my height calls for a much smaller weight than most women. My *ideal* weight is between 100-126 lbs, according to BMI (Body Mass Index) calculators.
Most of my life I had been *tiny* and I could eat when I wanted, as much as I wanted, and whatever I wanted. And to make matters more lovely, I *loved* to eat. (Gone are those glory days. (rolleyes) )
That all changed with sweetie. The *most* I should of gained was 40lbs, but I gained 20 more lbs than that. Part of it was because I thought my belly wasn't getting big enough. Most women that I knew who were pregnant were much bigger than me. Even the small short ones. So I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting a big belly. So I stuffed my face. Literally.
Well, when sweetie came out, my stretched out stomach (the one that holds all the food) did not shrink as did my preggo belly, and guess where all that extra weight was? That's right! Where every woman hates it.
In my extreme naivety I thought that all those lbs would just melt off, because they had for my sister, and other friends of like state. But nope. Not for me.
I did not realize how much weight I had gained until I compared my wedding picture with a present one. The two comparisons were only 1 1/2 years apart. I decided I needed to take some action.
So I did. And let me tell you. It was HARD work, that takes discipline, (which doesn't come very natural to me) and learning to do. Here I was, someone who could eat to her heart's content before, and now, that was not allowed any more. I kind of grieved, because I used to be able to *love* food.
During that time, I joined a free online Christian weight loss accountability and it got me on the right track. It helped to see that my focus and attention was on the food supplying all of my emotional needs, rather than relying on the Lord.
Slowly, I began to understand how to eat better, and exercise. I lost 27lbs within three months when I first *determined* to do it.
Then I found out I was expecting Bean. I continued to eat healthy, and exercise, and this time I only gained about 30lbs. It was the best pregnancy I ever had. I lost *all* my baby weight the next day after she was born. I continued to exercise and eat healthy, and lost about 15lbs more.
When then moved and I was going through a rough time that whole year. I found out I was expecting Little Tiny Boy, and I turned to food again to comfort my hurt. I gained a few more lbs than I wanted, and I stopped exercising.
Consequently, my labor was harder than it was with Bean, and now I have about 10-15lbs that I want to take off.
My point is, I will never arrive with the *ideal* weight or body. (The body thing changed when I noticed my nice deep stretch marks around my belly button) Nor will I ever be able to *love* food like I once did without bad consequences. When I lost the most amount of weight after sweetie, a big idea really changed my perspective on my life. That was, I am going to have to eat healthy and exercise for the rest of my life, if I want to stay fit and active. It isn't a one time fix of loosing weight. I will always have to keep an eye on what I eat.
Somethings that really helped me out, was to eat only two servings of *whole* wheat bread a day. Eat only 1 pat of butter, and *no* dairy. Eat TONS of fruits and veggies, and only 1 sweet thing a week.
Another thing that changed in my perspective on being healthy: Being *fit* is not about how one looks, or if their weight is ideal. Being *fit* is actually being able to move around without pain and being short of breath. I remember when I was overweight, that I would get down on the floor to play with Sweetie, and I would have a terrible time getting up, and I was only 21 years old! When I began to exercise and stretch, that all changed, and I was much more flexible, and had more energy to keep up with my little baby.
Being *fit* is eating healthy at all times, so when you do have a little naughty treat it isn't the end of the world. It is not never ever having a bowl of ice cream. It is just having Ice cream half the serving you were used to helping yourself to.
Sometimes I get a little paranoid about my weight, because I know how HARD it was to take off over 40lbs, and I don't want to *have* to do that again. I don't want to get short of breath, and not be able to run and play with my children. Loosing weight is no picnic, it is just plain hard work. Like most of life is plain hard work.
My paranoia, I am afraid, comes across to other people in a negative way, because I am saying how I need to loose a few lbs, and people are probably thinking, "She should talk! She isn't heavy" But I know what it is like to be heavy, and I don't want to get that far again, so when I say I need to loose weight it is just a little "tune up." To keep my brain in the right frame of mind.
I haven't exercised for over a year, and I can feel it's effects on me. I am more tired, more grumpy, and run out of air much more quickly.
So when I wrote about my exercising, it wasn't on the intent of "look at me, I exercise!" It was more of a pep talk to me, because I HATE it so much! But once it is over, I do feel better, and have more energy.

Some Pictures of the Children

This is sweetie. Right here is actually her fourth birthday party. A *pink* princess party to be exact. She will soon be five, but I didn't have another good portrait of her, other than this one, so here is the little princess! :)

This is Bean who is three. This picture was taken by Daddy because he thought she looked so funny. We were attempting to try old fashioned rag curls for church, but the results were more like Herman's wife on the Munster's! Well, it really wasn't *that* bad, but it sure was poofy!
This is little tiny boy. He has such a little personality, and I think that this picture captures it the best. He is having the best time of his life taking a bath. He is one year old

Getting back into the groove of exercising

It has been over a year that I have consistently exercised. It is time to get started again. Last week, I did six days, and I am plum tuckered out! Nevertheless, it needs to be done. When my body is in shape I have much more energy to be able to accomplish all that I need to, and I sleep more soundly at night. The only problem I am encountering is keeping the children occupied while I am exercising. I know that I should get up before they wake up, but right now I am so tired in the mornings, that I sleep until 7:30, or 8:00. Sometimes til' 9:00. (blush)

The girls have been getting up a lot earlier now that the time changed. I can't understand it! I would think that they would get up later by their time clock, but nope. They get up an hour earlier by their time clock. Before the time changed they were getting up at 7:30, so I thought that they would be getting up around 8:30 when the time changed. But they still stuck with the 7:30 time table, thus making it like 6:30 for me!

So that is another challenge. I probably should get up around 5:30 if I want to exercise and dress before they wake up, but I just plain don't feel like doing that. But I suppose I am going to have to sooner or later.

With starting my exercising back up, I started doing "Walk Away the Pounds" but instead of walking I jogged. I only lost 1lb. So this week I am going back to an Old Stormie O'Martin exercise tape, that combines aerobics and some Pilate's which worked super well for me in the past.

When I began that routine, man, I felt like my chest was burning. I also woke up extremely sore the next day, all in the places that I want to loose the weight, so I know that it is working!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Modesty Survey

Over the recent years my thoughts on what dressing modestly is all about has been changing. It is more than dressing to the the letter of the law in the Bible. It is attitude, conversation, example; the whole demeanor of a lady. It is about bring glory to the Lord Jesus rather than to ourselves. We can go into the opposite extremes on either side and draw unwanted attention to ourselves.
We could dress and cover from head to toe, so that know one knows there is a woman under that garment, or we could go completely naked. Both do not bring the beholders eyes to the Lord Jesus Christ. They are too focused on *what* they are seeing. In the light of that, I want to share with you something that I discovered that is really neat. It is the modesty Survey.

In this Survey 100's of Christian Girls submitted detailed questions about clothing and behavior, and over 1600 guys answered. The men's ages range from 14-50's, and gave a great point of view on how a woman's dress can affect men.

It was a real eye opener for me. For one thing, it showed me that some things that I thought were modest really were not, and some things that I didn't think were modest didn't bother a guy at all. I had my husband sit down with me and go through most of the questions, and his answers surprised me also by agreeing with the majority of the men.

The survey has caused me to be more conscience about the way I carry myself more than anything.

Anyway, here is a link to it. Check it out! It is well worth us ladies to see what our men are thinking about us.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pampered Chef's Cut-N-Seal

A lady at our church was having a catalog party for Pampered Chef, so I decided to buy the Cut-N-Seal cutter.
It is made of Stainless steal, and is fairly easy to use. My short height makes it sort of hard for me to cut through layers, so I stand on a stool, but it cuts really well.
We are having alot of fun using using this. So far I have made "grilled" cheese sandwiches. I put cheese between two slices of bread, and butter the top, place in toaster oven until toasted, and cheese is melted like in the above picture. Peanut Butter and Jelly is another thing we have done. And recently, I got creative, and used left over super. Here is what I did. I put cooked spinach in on the bottom, a little spaghetti sauce, and mozzerella cheese on top. Then I did the cut and seal thing. I buttered the bread, and sprinkled garlic salt on top. Yummy!
The girls love love love it when I make lunch using this. They call them "ciricle sandwiches", and they laugh with glee when I say lunch is ready, after intently watching me cut their regluar sandwiches into the extraordinary of circles. They love to help throw away the crusts, and like to help me butter the top of the bread.
Another advantage to this is you don't eat as much bread if you are trying to watch calories, which I am trying to do, so I go ahead and make my own little circle sandwich.
The Cut-N-Seal is also fairly easy to wash. Overall I really am glad that I bought it. I can get really creative with it if I want, and put apple pie filling in between refridgerated pie dough, and bake in the oven. The possibilites are endless!

Trying to figure this out!

I am really having a hard time figuring blogger out. It seems easy, but somehow I have created three blogs. I thought that I was going to publish a blog with another title and I guess I actually signed up using that name, then I changed my mind. Everytime I tried to sign in to this blog, I couldn't find it. So I started another one, but something didn't work on that one, so I tried all over again, and it too was acting weird.

So I tried setting up another blog on, but it too was giving me problems. Finally, I came back here, and played around a bit, and then suddenly, I found a page where I can manage *ALL* my Heart of a Mommy blogs, lol!

Later, I am going to try and delete the extra's, but I am not going to do that until I am sure what I am doing. lol!

Here is another go at it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hello and Welcome!

Dear Family and Friends,
Welcome to my blog! I thought that this would be a neat way to keep in touch. This blog will be about anything and everything that is on my heart and what has been going on in the family. Thus the title; Heart of A Mommy

Right now it is open to only people that I invite, to keep privacy on the internet. And for even more safty reasons, I will be writing with Pen names. For those of you who know us, you will know who I will be talking about.

I will be known as "Mommy" my husband will be known as "Daddy". Daughter ( age 4) will be known as "Sweetie". Daughter (age 3) will be called "Bean". It is part of her nick name that she already has. And Son (age 1) will be called Little Tiny Boy, another nick name. So please try to get to know us by those names.

Well, that will be all for now. I guess, what I will do is just jump right in on the next post and write a little bit about what has been on my heart.