Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday~Teething Tablets

This Works for Me Wednesday is for Hyland's Teething Tablets. I am sure many of you have heard of these, and maybe have tried them for your own babies. Many times when I have talked with other ladies about these on forums or in real life, they think it has a placebo effect on the child.
Well I am here to dispel that myth. I believe that they really *Do* work because I have tried them myself. A couple of years ago when my wisdom teeth were coming through, the teeth were causing a lot of pain for me. My gums were sore and swollen, and it was giving me a slight headache. Then I got to thinking, "I wonder if this is how poor babies feel when they are teething?" I happened to have some for my own little girl, and I thought that there was no harm in at least trying the tablets. I popped a couple under my tongue and it helped soooo much! It didn't take the soreness completely away, but it took the sharp hurting away, and my slight headache was gone. They really helped me get through that tough time in my life! Ha ha! :)
As one that can *talk* to vouch for this product; they worked for *me* as an adult, so I am pretty sure they will work on your baby too. I know that my baby was a lot less fussy after I gave her these; plus they are very safe to use, I don't believe you can overdose on these.(Disclaimer: just be sure to read the label, and Never leave medication within a child's reach).
Another consideration is that a paramedic warned us in my MOPS group that Baby Orajel can be dangerous because it causes extra saliva to produce in the mouth, and if the baby sleeps, they could choke on their own saliva if you give that to them right before bed time. Another reason to gives these a try.
I have found them in my local supermarket in the baby section, but I do know for sure you can get them at a health food store. So that is my Works For Me Wednesday Tip. :)

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Wordless Wednesday~ Following in Mommy's Footsteps

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Like Tackle it *ALL* Tuesday :)

There were several projects that I needed to tackle today. I am in the midst of decluttering and rearranging my house. With three children almost 5 and under, this can be *very* challenging.

The First Tackle was the Girls room. Usually I try to make it clean it up *all by themselves* but I did not have time for that today. So I *helped* them out. It took about an hour. Here are some before and after photos:

Before of Room

After Of Room

Before of ClosetAfter Of Closet

The next tackle was to switch my linen closet to underneath the bathroom cabinet. I am doing this because this frees up a lot of shelf space that I can use to stock up on items when they go on sale. The towels I moved to the bathroom, where they will be easier access when I bathe the children. If I happen to forget a towel then it won't be a big deal to go and get one as it is right there. I have other plans for the bathroom for storage, but that will have to wait awhile. For now this arrangement will seem to work.

Before Of Linen Closet

After of Closet

Before of Under The Bathroom Sink

After Of Under Bathroom Sink. I know it doesn't look all that organized, but I am not a picky towel folder. :)

After the closet, under bathroom sink switcharoo, I tackled the hallway. There have been Rubbermaid boxes full of baby clothes sitting in there since last year. Yikes! (blush) Here are some before and after photos:


Then the last tackle of the day was finishing up laundry. Whoa, it was pretty bad. I had four *huge* loads to fold and put away. That task took me about an hour maybe a bit longer. Here are some photos of that.
Laundry Folded
Laundry nicely put away! :)

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Frugal Fridays`Rowenta Iron, and Other Garage Sale Finds

Last week Sweetie and I went to a neighborhood wide Garage Sale. About 40 or so house participated. I think we found a few good items. I am kind of new to garage sales. It just seems like a hassle to get up really early on Saturday morning to see *if* you can find something. But we really did have fun. I may of bought a few items that were not worth buying, but oh well, I am living and I am learning! :)
One thing that I do know that I found a good deal on is this Rowenta Iron. I know that this is a good brand of iron, and I have always wanted one since Teri Maxwell at recommends one; but my Black and Decker Iron worked just fine, for the little ironing that I do.
I found this Iron at the sale for only $2. I believe that my model is worth about $50 retail. There are a few rust spots on it that are really minute, but I would like to somehow get them off. Is there anyone out there that knows how to take the rust spots off? The lady said it works just fine, it was just that she had too many irons already. Hopefully she was telling the truth. I have yet to try it out. She also says it gets *really* hot, and that was something that she did not like.

I also found this picture at the sale. I paid $5.00. It looks like it originally came from the store Garden Ridge, and the price on the back is $129.00. There isn't any glass in the frame, and the frame was coming apart a bit, which I discovered *after* I bought it. But I nailed it back together, and it is holding up really well now. :)

Sweetie found this game at an older couples house. I remembered playing this game with my mom, and it was a favorite. The price was $1.50. I said that she could buy something at the sale, but She kept picking up these junkie toys that I knew I was going to end up giving away anyway. So I was glad when she found this. I am calling it vintage, because the copyright says 1960. I am not sure if that is when the game itself was made, or if it is just the copyright on the game itself, but it is pretty "vintage" looking to me! :)
The girls and I have had a lot of fun playing the game since we bought it. There was also an older version of Candy Land. I was really tempted to buy it too, because it *did* look very vintage. But we already have *two* at home, so I decided not to.
Then I found this wreath at one of the last houses we stopped at. It was priced at $5.00, but I asked if they would take $3.00, and the man of the house said sure, just hurry and get it before his wife came out and found out! Ha ha! :)
I also bought a food vacuum sealer, but when I showed it to my husband he was like, "When was that made, like the 70's or something?" I said, "The man told me it was brand new." The foam *is* still in the box that it was packaged in. But hubby said that he and his family had one when he was a little kid, and it never worked right. I went online and tried to find info on the one I bought. It has mixed reviews, being that, when you put an item into the freezer, it comes out unsealed. We shall see what happens I suppose.

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Bean was Sick On Sunday :(

Bean woke us up three times during the night on early Sunday morning. The first time I woke up with her, she was being irrational about her water cup. She kept crying that when she drank it, it hurt her head. I thought that maybe the valve in the sippy cup was on backwards, which sometimes causes the sippy cup to not work, and you end up sucking and sucking and nothing coming out. I tested it my self ;-) and it was fine. She did not believe the cup was ok, then I began to wonder if she was sick. The thermometer was in Tiny Boy's room, so I had to sneak in there, and of course, in the process of stumbling in the dark looking for the thermometer, I woke him up. I took Bean's temperature, and it read normal.
I went Back to Tiny Boy's Room and rocked him a bit to settle him back down. I then went back to bed, only to be awoken an 1 1/2 later by crying Bean. Daddy said he would go and check her out. Pretty soon, I heard the freezer door open, and ice being moved around. When Daddy got back into bed, he told me that Bean said she wanted her water cold.
We both drifted back to sleep, and Bean woke up *again* an hour later. Daddy went in there again, and couldn't find the problem this time; I then went into her room to see what was up . She told us that her tummy hurt, and so I took her temp again. This time it was reading warmer. I lied down with her and both of us dozed, and Daddy went back to bed. A couple of times Bean woke up crying that her feet were hurting her.
I got up around the time that we needed to start getting ready for church, and I took her temp again, which was now reading 100. Bean wasn't going to church. She cried about this, and tried to tell us her tummy was feeling better. I fed some breakfast to the girls, got Tiny Boy and Sweetie ready for church, and did a few other things. When I was done with the chores, I found bean as you see her in the above picture. Apparently her tummy wasn't feeling *too* much better. :)
After everyone left for church, she stayed on the couch a bit and cried because Sweetie went without her. I asked if she was tired, and she, rubbing her eyes, whined out, "yes". I asked her if she wanted to sleep in my bed. She thought that was a good idea, and went there on her own.
About a half hour later, the weather warning radio went off to warn us of a tornado watch. Bean then stomps into the kitchen, with the most grumpiest attitude and said, "Mommy, That woke me up!" I turned it off, and told her to go back to bed. She stomped back to bed. I decided to join her too, as I was starting to feel a little puny too. We both slept until Daddy, Sweetie, and Tiny Boy came home until 1:00pm! Yikes!

Blessing From The Lord

Last night, after I tucked all the children in bed, I heard a thump, then a child crying. At first I thought it was one of the girls, because that is something I would normally hear from them. But it was Little Tiny Boy. I thought that was kind of peculiar, and wondered what he could of done to make that noise. He sleeps in a crib, and he is too short to climb out of it.

Then it dawned on me. Our crib is a Baby Tenda, which has a door on the side. I forgot (I know I am a bad mommy) to latch the door from his afternoon nap. I had taken him out of the door after nap time, but when I put him to bed that night, I had put him in the normal way.

Anyway, I get in his room, and somehow he ended up under the crib. I am not sure how that happened! I then picked him up and soothed him by rocking him.

As I was rocking him, I started to think about my children and how fast they were growing up. My children are pretty close in age. The oldest and second are 20 months apart, and the second and third are 24 months. It just seems I get in a rote routine, with them that I don't really stop to enjoy them. I have also been having some hard time emotionally, and that makes it harder to stop and enjoy your children when you are dealing with some other issues. I just do things because they have to be done, without really thinking about it. It is just automatic most of the time. Sometimes I just feel *numb* to those around me, because my mind's going in a different million directions. I have been doing better with this than I normally do, but just sitting there quiet and thinking about all of this, put into perspective of how much I am missing with my children.
This was really bothering me, and I started to pray about it. I asked the Lord to please help me to stop and start enjoying my children because they are growing up so fast. After I was done praying, I was still rocking Tiny Boy. I then started to pat and rub his back. All the sudden I felt a tiny little hand patting my arm. Boy that did my heart alot of good, and I sure did enjoy that! Tiny Boy is only 14 months, and he was showing his affection back to me. Out of all my children, I don't remember my babies ever doing that at such a young age. Maybe babies do this, but my girls didn't, and it was the first time that Tiny Boy did.

I found ironic that *just* after I prayed that the Lord would help me to enjoy and savor the moments with my children, that Tiny Boy showed some love to his mommy. The Lord is so good, to even hear the slightest details of our heart concerns. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thankful Thrusdays~ Thankful for The Lord

I know that this may seem generic in the form of Thankful for the Lord, but I really am! I am so *thankful* that He is good! I am so Thankful that *all* of His attributes work together in complete harmony. If He were all justice we would be toast. We deserve to be toast. But, He is also love, and His love and justice worked together, and came up with a beautiful plan, and that plan was His only begotten Son dying on the Cross. God became a man, and bore our sin on himself. What absolute Love! I am so Thankful for that!
I am thankful that He wants a relationship with me, even after I sinned against Him. I am Thankful that He cares about all of my problems. I am Thankful that He is God of the Bible. Not the god of man's perception. I am thankful that He gives His grace to those who recognize their need of Him. I am Thankful that *He* pursues me.
I am Thankful that when others give up on other people, that He still died for them. His death provided salvation for them too. I am so thankful for His Word. I am thankful that he gave it to me so I could find out who *He* is and what *He* is like, not just a "guide book for life", but an actual autobiography of God!
I am Thankful for the Lord today! :)

Can you find the Man?

Mrs. R., at my Firm Foundations bible study, showed us this picture last night. I could not find the man, can you? My mom found him in about 20 seconds, while everyone else was scratching their heads. Please Post a comment and tell me if you found him!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Please View this, as I think it is Very Important

As you know, I have been posting my "learnings" of The Firm Foundations Bible study I have been going to. I found this video today, and it deals with the Chronological approach of teaching salvation.
To be honest with everyone, I cried through the whole thing as I watched. It is soooo important to give a *clear* presentation of the Gospel. Confusion abounds on every corner, and this video gives just an *example* of what a poor gospel presentation can do to people!
Please take a look! Renee and Roger Were Searching... Just scroll down a little way, and you will see their picture. Click on the picture and the video should start to play.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Isn't He Just Pitiful?!

Painting Flower Pots

When we bought our flowers to plant in the flower bed, I came up with a grand idea to plant some herbs too. I love fresh herbs in cooking, but they are so expensive, that I decided to try and grow our own. The pots cost $0.75 and the seed packets were $1.00. So hopefully it was a good investment, because let's just say, I don't really have much of a green thumb.

After I bought the pots, I remembered painting flower pots as a little girl, and I thought it would be fun for the girls to do so too. I had some extra paints from projects I had done previously, so I set up the table and we painted away. The girls thought that this was so much fun.

Although, Sweetie, said that my pot was better than hers. :) I still beg to differ. I love the way Sweetie painted the rim on her pot, it almost looks like she did the colors in the order of the rainbow, and I don't think I laid the colors out that way on our little paper plate palate.

Sweetie also took a picture of me with *my* pot. I will post it, but please promise not to laugh. I did not do my hair or makeup yet, as I didn't see the need to. :) But I do think the picture came out great for an almost five year old taking it. And Sweetie was proud of my pot as much as I was with hers!

Bean, Hard At Work

Bean's Accomplishments

Sweetie Painting Hers

The End Result

Sweetie's Photography Abilities At Work!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Planting a "Garden"

Last weekend we all loaded up in the car and went to Wal-Mart to buy some potted flowers to spruce up the flower bed under our front window. Since we have moved in, I haven't done a thing with it. The builders put some kind of evergreen bush in it, and it was just kind of "blah". Daddy kindly dug those things out for us, then the girls and I "cultivated the land" and planted some flowers there.
It doesn't look like a professional landscaping job, but it looks a lot nicer than the weedy evergreen bushes we had in there.
Sweetie is always trying to "plant" a garden. She frequently comes up to me and asks for a carrot so she can "plant" it and make a garden. I give her a carrot sometimes, but obviously her garden doesn't grow much. This planting was especially fun for her, although the fun wore off after a couple of hours of gardening. We had a lot of weeds to remove and dirt to break up.
In the process off "cultivating" we found all sorts of spiders, crickets, and little tiny centipedes (or millipedes I don't know how to tell the difference).
The girls found the bugs interesting. Although Bean used to have fits over bugs, she has kind of warmed up to them now.
I was pointing out the spiders and said, "Hey look it is Charlotte!" Sweetie then squatted down and said, "Salutations!" to the spider. Daddy then asked her what salutations meant. Sweetie said, "It is my fancy way of saying Hello!"
My mom bought the girls the original version of Charlotte's Web and as you noticed, Sweetie has pretty near memorized it! She has "only" watched it about 10 times too. : )

Bean is trying to decide where all these flowers are going to go!

I think Sweetie is kind of caught off guard here by the camera
Hard at work!

Tiny Boy watching everything going on from his perch

Frugal Fridays: Saving More Money!!!!

This picture is blurry, but it does show you what a great deal I got. I bought all of this at CVS Pharmacy. The total retail price is worth $70.20 and I payed $27.10, with a savings of.....drum roll please.....$43.10. I can even buy two more Listernes and one more tooth paste and not pay a cent. I just may too!

I am still learning how do all of this, and I messed up a bit. The tooth brushes are supposed to be buy one get five free, but for some reason, after going to two different stores, it showed up me paying the discounted price on both tooth brushes. I may go to the store tomorrow and see what I can do. But I figure with all the money I saved, paying full price for two tooth brushes isn't bad. But it is bugging me to death as to why I didn't get the discount. I have gone to three different CVS's and I found one that I seem to like better. They seem more helpful, and seem to follow their own adds more. I don't know. But I am just so excited about this.
As I get better, I will share what I have found. I tend to learn more by mistakes, so as I go along hopefully, I'll get better with this.

Bean's Bad Hair Day(s)

I had braided the girls hair for church and them looped them in circles like *Heidi* the story. This is the result after taking out the braids. Bean was crying because she didn't finish her lunch or something like that, and she couldn't have a treat. This look cracked me up so much I had to take a picture. She reminds me of Anne in Anne of Green Gables when she tried to dye her hair black and the expression she had with the messy hair. Of course Bean's hair isn't green, but it was just too funny to pass in not taking her picture.

This one is Daddy blowing her hair with his own breath. Daddy thinks it is great fun to do strange things like this to the kids. I must admit capturing her hair sticking out like this is quite funny looking!

Making Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

As a craft for my play group, we one day made those cookies in a jar things. It had been sitting on top of the refrigerator, so I decided to make them because I was tired of dealing with the "clutter". We usually don't make many baked goods, because I try to control the sugar around the house;(Which is very hard to do.) So this was an extra special treat for the girls. They thoroughly enjoyed making the cookies. And we have all been enjoying the eating of them.

My "Tags" for Real Mums

OK, I have tagged mom of boys and A Baker's Blog for the Real Mum meme.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Real Mum

Ok, I have been tagged by Mrs C. for the Real Mum meme. I am not exactly sure if I am doing this right, but I read her post to kind of get an idea. Then I am supposed to tag someone else with the same thing. I am not sure how many "points" of a real mom I am supposed to come up with, so I'll just do what comes to mind.

1. A real mommy sees her weaknesses and accepts that she isn't "perfect", thus she relies on the Lord for wisdom and direction.

2. A real mommy laughes when her children are "trying" to be funny and make a joke, even though they are annoying her at the moment.

3. A real mommy tries not to fret when her house isn't "perfect" from glitter paint stains on the couch, crayon marks on the wall, Polly pocket shoes found between the wall and carpet, etc.

4. A real mommy tries to get down and play with the children everyday. Quantity time *is* quality time.

5. A real mommy lets her children play in the dirt and enjoy it.

6. A real mommy keeps her mouth quiet while Daddy is disciplining. When the children are in bed is when discussions about discipline takes place. That way the children always sees Mommy on Daddy's side.

7. A real mommy always tells the truth to her child, and won't make up stories to get their child to do something to their advantage.

8. A real mommy reads to her children

9. A real mommy believes God about everything, and thus her children see how important the Lord is.

10. A real mommy seeks the truth in everything, and directs her children towards the truth.

11. A real mommy shelters her child from any kind of danger. She never leaves them alone with anyone that hasn't earned complete trust.

12. A real mommy asks forgiveness from her child when she messes up.

13. A real mommy is always the same. In public and in private.

14. A real mommy shows affection to her husband and praises her husband in front of them. And never tares him down.

15. A real mommy wakes up night to put pajamas on a crying cold child that they took off after mommy tucked them in.

16. A real mommy trusts the Lord to work in their child's life

17. A real mommy always does whats best for their child, even if it is an inconvenience to them.

18. A real mommy relaxes and tries not to worry when their husband tells her too.

19. A real mommy needs to trust Jesus as her Saviour

20. A real mommy doesn't fuss over a chore that isn't perfectly done, but was done heartily

21. A real mommy cuddles and hugs her children

22. A real mommy acts silly and jumps up and down and sings at the top of her lungs

23. A real mommy provokes her child to think and ask questions about things

24. A real mommy plays "pretend" Suppernanny with her children

25. A real mommy tries to be consistent in correction

26. A real mommy tries to live in the moment

27. A real mommy prays for her children

28. A real mommy looks for opportunities to teach her child something new and exciting

29. A real mommy sometimes lets their children learn from their mistakes

30. A real mommy is glad when it is bedtime! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Trying To cut the grocery budget

I will try to be quick with this entry. It is pretty late, and I really need to go to bed. But I am trying to cut our grocery budget. Last week, I thought I would try and go to Wal-Mart to *save* some money, since I usually go to Publix. I spent $112 there, and got hardly any veggies. I just bought some oranges and bananas in the produce. That's it, zip.
Well, I have joined something new, and I don't have time to explain it right now, but it is a program designed to combine coupons and sales together. I did not have any coupons to use, but just shopping the sales add, I spent $107.36. This is a BIG improvement. How so? Well, I got TONS more stuff than I did at Wal-mart.
This includes toilet paper, diapers, laundry detergent, baby food, goat milk, Whole Wheat Bread etc. My total savings were : $50.94!

I am going to learn how to really work it, and hopefully I will drop it $30 or $40 more. But what I am so excited about, is that I got some real good variety in my refrigerator and pantry. When I went to Wal-Mart there was hardly anything very good.

I also believed to Lord blessed alot in this, because I went to Winn-Dixie and I found babyfood on clearance. It was 25 cents a jar. The bigger jars were 35 cents. That is a really good price!

Hopefully I will get better at this.

But this is what I bought:

41 jars of baby food
2 frozen bags of broccoli cuts
2 lbs Baby Cut Carrots
Fresh Snap Beans
2 Beef Bottom Round Roasts
2 Baker's Inn Whole Wheat Bread
5lbs Idaho Potatoes
Red Seedless Grapes
2 quarts of strawberries
1 can chunk white tuna
4 Ajax Dish soaps
10 CVS Toilet paper
2 Post Honey Bunches of Oats
1 pkg Diapers
1 Xtra Laundry detergent
1 Bag of Spinach
Publix P-nut Butter
Grape Tomatoes
Stonyfield Yogurt
2 pkgs of skinless chicken thighs
3 Goat milk
4 Kraft Mac and Cheese
1/2 Gal milk
Coffee Creamer

Monday, April 9, 2007

Firm Foundations Lesson 2- God Alone

Note* I will be posting these Bible Studies in the side bar of the blog. You can clink on the link to get which study you want. But I strongly recommend that you start in the beginning. I also suggest that you order your own copy of Firm Foundations, which can be ordered from here:

Now that I have a better understanding of what the Bible is for, things have begun to make much better sense; things that I should of known, but did not until I began to learn them in this study!
Remember the whole purpose of this study is:
Who is God?
What is He like?
How can we know Him?

Remember that God is the main character of the Bible; He is the one who gave the Bible and its message to us. It is a true account of history from God’s own perspective.

Firm Foundation’s study goes about explaining the Bible and its message by studying specific statements that God has made about Himself. It will also study what God does. God’s character and nature is revealed through what he has done through events that he has recorded in His Word. God has given a lot of knowledge about himself. Why? Because he WANTS us to know him!

Jeremiah 9:23&24
“Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD…”

Here are some questions to think about:

How great is God?
How important is He?
Did he have a beginning?
Will He have an end?
Where did He come from?
What does God need?

God is eternal. He has always been, and He will never end. Everything else has had a beginning. Before the beginning of the earth there was no universe, no earth, no angels, no Devil, no plants, no animals, no people. All of these had a beginning.

God is not a man, and man is not God. God has no beginning, and will have no end. Man is born and dies. God was not created. He has always been alive. He has always been and will always be the same. Gad can never die.

God is also a Trinity. He is eternally one God, but there are three persons who are equally God: These three persons are named in Matthew 28:19
They are God the Father, God the Son God the Holy Ghost. God is a Trinity of three persons, but Man is only one person. Remember that these three persons are one God who is eternal and all are equally God.
Kind of confusing? God is greater than are small minds can comprehend, and we believe it is true because the Word of God shows us that it is.

Because God alone existed before all things, God is completely independent of everything and everyone. He needs nothing to sustain Him. God was here alone before the earth, sun moon, etc. He does not need the earth or anything on it. He doesn’t need air to breath, or food to eat. He doesn’t need water to drink. He doesn’t need the sun. He can see without light. He does not sleep. God doesn’t need any source of energy, and he never gets tired, thirsty or hungry.

God NEEDS nothing. He doesn’t need anyone to teach Him. He knows everything; He has all knowledge, and is aware of everything. God knows everything.

How about us, what do we need? We need parents to be born, and parents to take care of us as babies. We needed teachers to teach us the things we need to know in order to survive in the world.
We need food and water to sustain our physical bodies. We need oxygen to breath. We need to sleep; we need protection from the weather. We are totally dependent, but God does not need anything or any person. WOW! How amazing is that!

God is Spirit. God does not have a body as we do, because John 4:24 says God is a Spirit. He does not have flesh and bones like humans, animals, birds, or reptiles. Because He does not have a material body, He does not have bodily needs. Man has a material body.

It is hard to imagine one who has and is able to do all of this, and yet have no material body. God is not just a “force” as some would describe Him to be. God is a Spirit, a Trinity of three persons, all with mind, personality, and will.

He is the God who has personally given us His Word so we can know Him. God has no limitations, but we are very limited in our understanding and are limited by our bodily needs.

Where is God? Where was He before everything else existed? God is everywhere, and it is repeated many times in the Bible that he is everywhere. God made everything and is present everywhere, but He is NOT “in everything.” God is higher than all. God is greater than all He has made. God fill the universe, God is here right now and can see us all. Man can only be in one place at a time. Only God and he alone is able to be everywhere all the time. Since He is everywhere there is no place that you can go where He is not there. You can’t hide from God.

God is way beyond our comprehension. We must admit that there is one who is infinitely greater than all, who is in every way superior to us. God is sovereign. The Bible says that God is “The Most High.” Ps 83:13, and Is 45:5.

Man should be under God’s authority and listen to everything God says.

God alone can tell us about the beginning, because only He was there in the beginning! Man was not there before the beginning. God knows how it came to be, and know all that came to be, and He has given us a record of all of this in the Bible.

The thing that most impresses me about this lesson, is that God doesn’t need anything. Yet he has made all of the earth and universe. Why, since He did not need it? Why if He was perfectly content in Being himself alone? Why? Of course that is for another lesson, but it will give you something to think about until then.

Also, try to remember that God WANTS us to KNOW Him. Begin to seek Him in that way. Ask Him to reveal HIMSELF to you. Not what you want in life. Not what you want after you die. But ask Him to get to KNOW Him as a “person” A “person” who WANTS you to know them. He Loves you, He wants a personal relationship with you. Seek *Him*.

Until then Goodnight!

Sweetie's Funnies

I have some funny things to report about Sweetie. Yesterday we visited Great Grandma and Grandpa. They lived where we used to live, and go to church where we used to go also.

Sweetie remembers a few people, some we have to help her remember, and some she just doesn't remember at all.

The first funny was this. The nursery at that church has a pager system to call parents back to the nursery if their child needs them. Sweetie eyed the pager and asked me what it was. It was towards the end of the service and we were waiting during the invitation. So I whispered to her that the pager buzzes if the ladies in the nursery need me to come get Tiny Boy. There was a little boy sleeping in the pew in front of us. He was snoring a little bit; not really loud, but enough for one to hear if it were really quiet. After I got done explaining to Sweetie about the pager, and she quieted down some, she said "Mommy, I think it is buzzing now!" I then realized she was hearing the little boy's snoring!

The second funny had to do with the same little boy. This was the little boy that she walked with when she was the flower girl in her Aunt's and Uncle's wedding. I also had to explain this to her. She remembers being the flower girl, but she doesn't remember the little boy. After I told her who it was, she seemed to remember then. Later on I found her trying to visit with him. He was sitting on a pew in the church's foyer, seeming highly annoyed with her. Another little girl told me that Sweetie told her, that she "had to find and stay with her man."

Later on in the car she told me that she had to find the boy that she married. She thought that she married him! Daddy and I thought that was pretty funny!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Fire Station Fun

A friend from Church set up a Fire Station Field trip. She home schools, and she asked if I would like to go. Of course I said yes! The neat thing is, while we were cleaning the garage, I found an old video tape, and on the tape was an old episode of Rescue 911, and it just "happened" to have a segment about fire, and how the children knew what to do properly during the fire, and saved their family.

I had the girls watch it before we went today. They found the video fascinating. I thought it was great, since it emphasized fire and firefighting.

A fireman shows the children the insides of a rescue truck

The fireman all decked out in his gear. Bean found this to be "scawee" and didn't get too close
A firefighter showing the children all the equipment on the Engine. My friend asked sweetie what her favorite part was, and Sweetie said, "The Broom!"
After the firefighter dressed in his costume, this left Bean a bit unsettled. She decided to take a time out for a minute.
Ok, she is fine now. She was the first one to get into the Engine. She wanted to go again too!
Sweetie giving Mommy a nice smile inside the engine
Bean has completely warmed up to this field trip now. She gets to try out the fire hose!
Sweeties turn
Mommy even gives it a go! Tiny Boy taking it all in.
We really had a great time. The firemen were great at giving the tour. You could tell that they really liked what they did, and enjoyed showing off all the neat fire fighting things to the children. They even let them touch the water coming out of the hose.
When they blew the Engine's sirens, the fireman said, "Ok, everyone plug your ears." I couldn't plug Tiny Boy's because he was on my back. But once the siren died down, Tiny Boy laughed out loud with glee. He liked the noise!
We also took a picture on an old Engine that was from 1938. Regrettably, I can't show you that one for security reasons.