Friday, October 12, 2007

Sewing Machine

For today's show and tell, I would like to show my sewing machine. There is such a sweet story behind it. :)

My mother had me take sewing lessons when I was in school, and I loved to sew. After my mom saw that this was something that I would probably do the rest of my life she bought me my first sewing machine, which was a Brother.

At 12 years old this was probably a wise purchase to see how I would treat the machine and all. I went to town with that puppy, and made all sorts of little things with it. Some clothing too.

After about two years, it broke, and at that time Wal-mart took back anything, and would replace it for a new one. So we did. Then a couple of years later the same thing happened, and we got it replaced again.

I didn't sew as much after that, because I was then in college, and didn't have the time. So I brought my latest brother sewing machine into my marriage with me. I still didn't sew much.

Then I had my little girl, and our church at that time, was having Cowboy Sunday, and I wanted to make her something. When I brought out my sewing machine, I noticed that it broke once again. :( Thankfully my Grandma let me borrow hers to finish my daughters outfit.

A couple of months later my husband mentioned that he had stopped by a sewing machine store that said they were going out of business, and that they had marked down their sewing machines really low. In a sort of joking manner, I started to sing, "All I want for Christmas is a sewing machine." We were on a very tight budget at that time, and I knew that it was next to impossible to buy one.

My husband stopped by the store, which happened to be a Husqvarna Viking dealership. They demonstrated the machine to my husband, and he was hooked. But they had sold out the machine that he wanted to buy me, but suggested where to go, to get another one.

He was doing this all behind my back. One day he came home with all these brochures of this machine, and really excited about it. Once he told me the prices of these machines, I knew in my mind that this would be something that I could never get.

One day he asked me to go to a dealership to just test drive one. So I did. I was totally clueless as to what was going on; I don't really know what I was thinking. I tested the Viking's lowest end model which was about $400 and it was such a dream to sew on. I told my husband that if he could afford the lowest end model it was 100x's better than my brother *ever* was.

Then he wanted me to test drive some of the higher models which were all in priced $1,000 and beyond. I knew that we could NEVER get a machine that much money. But sewing on it was so nice. I was shown all the features, which were all like a dream.

The machines NEVER had to be oiled, they were jam proof, they had perfectly balanced button holes, just amazing features.

So we left the store, me hoping secretly that my husband would get the lower end model for me for Christmas.

One night I was feeling especially discouraged with alot of things, and venting to my husband about it. And crying about the problem, which was basically discontentment with some of our circumstances.

The next morning I slept in, and when I walked into the kitchen there was a Husqvarna sewing machine box on the table, with a card, and some thread and material for me to "play around with it." When I opened it, and saw what model it was, I was absolutely shocked! I began to cry. I cried in repentance too, for being such a dummy for being so discontented with some of our circumstances.

Later on I found out that my husband used his overtime money to pay for the machine. He gave it to me for Christmas, but before Christmas because he thought that I could use it to make things for people for Christmas on. And boy did I!

So this show and tell is to brag on my sweet hubby. It never occurred to me that he would buy me this for me. And he likes it just as much as. He doesn't sew on it. But when I sew on it, he comes over and watches me sew, amazed at the beauty of the machinery. :)

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Lady_MSnow said...

That is so awesome! What a sweet Hubby. :D

jennifer said...

Oh I love the love story. The sewing machine is special but your husband is incredible!

Neat sewing machine!

Hootin'Anni said...

Love the story behind this! And what a sweetie hubby you have. Hang on to him.

Drop by for some hard candies? I'd love to see you visit my Show N Tell if you haven't already.

Kristy Jo said...

what a great machine and wonderful story, My sewing machine too was a gift from my husband that he purchased behind my back. Growing up I had never learned to sew but i had a strong desire. So, he bought me one! how thoughtful our husbands are :P

Sharon said...

Wow! What a wonderful, thoughtful thing for your husband to do! That just shows how much he loves you! What a blessing to get such a nice machine!

Hugs! Sharon

Anonymous said...

What a great story behind the machines.

Thanks for stopping by my first show and tell

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Your story warmed my heart. That is so sweet of your husband to sacrifice to see his wife happy! I know you will cherish your machine and your husband ;) forever.


Penless Thoughts said...

Above what we can ask or think!!!!!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

What a sweet story! How thoughtful of him!

Jane said...

What a wonderful story of your husband's display of love and affection for you. Thanks so much for sharing,

Quinne said...

What a precious story and a sweet, sweet dh! Thanks so much for sharing it :) Learning to sew is on my list of things to learn in 2008. Blessings!Q

Anita said...

Oh my, what a wonderful story with such a lovely end! I love to sew, too but just have one of those simple (and cheap) sewing machines. But for me, it's just enough as I just sew quite simple things like tablecloths (I love sewing tablebloths!!!)

We are so blessed to have the most wonderful husbands!

By the way, I posted some pictures of an antique sewing machine table on my blog, you are more than welcome to pass by if you have time (you'll need to scroll down).

Happy sewing to you and a blesses week-end!


Tiff said...

WOW!! He must have loved seeing your face. That's one gift he will be proud to say he gave you! What a special story an a wonderful husband!