Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Lord's Provision

Philippians 4:19

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Often times with this verse, I get slightly confused. Sometimes I think it says my God shall supply all my wants. ;-)

But God's Word is very accurate because many times, when I think I have *needs*, they are actually my wants. Then I get frustrated and depressed thinking God doesn't care about this *need*. The Devil really wants me to believe that lie too.

Well, last week, the Lord let me test this verse out. ;-)

Our van is kind of old, and when we fix one thing, another thing soon needs fixin'. Three weeks ago Bean woke up with an ear infection, and so I toted her to the Dr. After the visit we made an appointment 10 days later to see if the infection had cleared.

We went to the Dr's and the infection had cleared up nicely. As I got into my van, I sort of had a moment of discontentment, and sort of started to covet for a new car. But then, I decided not to be so ungrateful. Instead I decided to thank the Lord for a vehicle to even drive. As I was doing this and turning the ignition, the van turned on, and just as quickly it turned on, it shut off.

"Great!" I thought. I tried it again and again. The kids were hungry now, and to make matter worse, over Christmas I washed my cell phone. Yup that's right. So I didn't have a cell phone, and my husband works an hour away from our home. So it isn't like he could quickly run by to save me.

So I prayed. I hoped that I would just turn the key and it would start. Nope. Now I was beginning to loose some faith. I dragged the kids out of the van, went back into the Dr's., and asked if they would let me borrow their phone.

They were very kind and allowed me to. Once I got my husband on the phone, he asked me various questions about the car. Then he wanted me to go out there, and try to do something to it, then come back in and call him.

The ladies at the reception desk were very nice and offered to watch the girls while I went out to do the experiment that my husband wanted me to.

I went out there, did what he wanted me to do with no success. As I was walking back in the Dr.'s office I ran into a lady from our church. After she said hello to me, it just sort of hit me that this was the answer to my prayer! So I promptly asked her if she had room for 4 more people, and she did! She had a nice big SUV!

So I got a ride home, and got to have some adult conversation at the same time. ;-)

Then, I decided to take Sweetie out for a mother daughter outing; five days later. We went to the fabric store, and then a thrift store. We were about to head to Target when my van did the same exact thing!

This was really cute so I must share. I said, "Oh, no, Sweetie, or van broke again!" Sweetie replied matter of fact like, "Well, I guess we are going to have to call Jesus again." So guess what? That is what I did, and as soon as I opened my eyes, and turned around to look for someone, I saw the lady who gave me horse back riding lessons when I was a little girl walking in the parking lot!

I ran over to her, gave her a hug. I told her that I was praying for help, and would she please help me? She and her husband tried to jump my car, but it wouldn't work. So guess what? She also gave me a ride home, and I got to visit with someone I hadn't seen for a long time. :)

Another "funny" thing was that she had a very small car. If I had all the children with me, there would of been no way for me to get home. God looks at *every* detail doesn't He?

So, this really got me thinking. Each time this happened God didn't leave me high and dry at all. He truly did supply my needs. Sometimes we have wants, and I believe God delights in giving us those too. But the above verse says *needs*. Sometimes we don't *need* our wants, it wouldn't be good for us. Thank the Lord He doesn't give me everything I want, but He will always take care of me!

On a side note, we figured out that our battery connection was loose. There was nothing wrong with the car. I think God was just testing out my faith. :)


Mary said...

Yes, God looks at all the very intricate details and provides a way. Thank you for sharing.


Leanne said...

thanks for sharing! its amazing how we can find God caring about us in the littlest ways..if we just open our eyes and LOOK!