Monday, April 9, 2007

Firm Foundations Lesson 2- God Alone

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Now that I have a better understanding of what the Bible is for, things have begun to make much better sense; things that I should of known, but did not until I began to learn them in this study!
Remember the whole purpose of this study is:
Who is God?
What is He like?
How can we know Him?

Remember that God is the main character of the Bible; He is the one who gave the Bible and its message to us. It is a true account of history from God’s own perspective.

Firm Foundation’s study goes about explaining the Bible and its message by studying specific statements that God has made about Himself. It will also study what God does. God’s character and nature is revealed through what he has done through events that he has recorded in His Word. God has given a lot of knowledge about himself. Why? Because he WANTS us to know him!

Jeremiah 9:23&24
“Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD…”

Here are some questions to think about:

How great is God?
How important is He?
Did he have a beginning?
Will He have an end?
Where did He come from?
What does God need?

God is eternal. He has always been, and He will never end. Everything else has had a beginning. Before the beginning of the earth there was no universe, no earth, no angels, no Devil, no plants, no animals, no people. All of these had a beginning.

God is not a man, and man is not God. God has no beginning, and will have no end. Man is born and dies. God was not created. He has always been alive. He has always been and will always be the same. Gad can never die.

God is also a Trinity. He is eternally one God, but there are three persons who are equally God: These three persons are named in Matthew 28:19
They are God the Father, God the Son God the Holy Ghost. God is a Trinity of three persons, but Man is only one person. Remember that these three persons are one God who is eternal and all are equally God.
Kind of confusing? God is greater than are small minds can comprehend, and we believe it is true because the Word of God shows us that it is.

Because God alone existed before all things, God is completely independent of everything and everyone. He needs nothing to sustain Him. God was here alone before the earth, sun moon, etc. He does not need the earth or anything on it. He doesn’t need air to breath, or food to eat. He doesn’t need water to drink. He doesn’t need the sun. He can see without light. He does not sleep. God doesn’t need any source of energy, and he never gets tired, thirsty or hungry.

God NEEDS nothing. He doesn’t need anyone to teach Him. He knows everything; He has all knowledge, and is aware of everything. God knows everything.

How about us, what do we need? We need parents to be born, and parents to take care of us as babies. We needed teachers to teach us the things we need to know in order to survive in the world.
We need food and water to sustain our physical bodies. We need oxygen to breath. We need to sleep; we need protection from the weather. We are totally dependent, but God does not need anything or any person. WOW! How amazing is that!

God is Spirit. God does not have a body as we do, because John 4:24 says God is a Spirit. He does not have flesh and bones like humans, animals, birds, or reptiles. Because He does not have a material body, He does not have bodily needs. Man has a material body.

It is hard to imagine one who has and is able to do all of this, and yet have no material body. God is not just a “force” as some would describe Him to be. God is a Spirit, a Trinity of three persons, all with mind, personality, and will.

He is the God who has personally given us His Word so we can know Him. God has no limitations, but we are very limited in our understanding and are limited by our bodily needs.

Where is God? Where was He before everything else existed? God is everywhere, and it is repeated many times in the Bible that he is everywhere. God made everything and is present everywhere, but He is NOT “in everything.” God is higher than all. God is greater than all He has made. God fill the universe, God is here right now and can see us all. Man can only be in one place at a time. Only God and he alone is able to be everywhere all the time. Since He is everywhere there is no place that you can go where He is not there. You can’t hide from God.

God is way beyond our comprehension. We must admit that there is one who is infinitely greater than all, who is in every way superior to us. God is sovereign. The Bible says that God is “The Most High.” Ps 83:13, and Is 45:5.

Man should be under God’s authority and listen to everything God says.

God alone can tell us about the beginning, because only He was there in the beginning! Man was not there before the beginning. God knows how it came to be, and know all that came to be, and He has given us a record of all of this in the Bible.

The thing that most impresses me about this lesson, is that God doesn’t need anything. Yet he has made all of the earth and universe. Why, since He did not need it? Why if He was perfectly content in Being himself alone? Why? Of course that is for another lesson, but it will give you something to think about until then.

Also, try to remember that God WANTS us to KNOW Him. Begin to seek Him in that way. Ask Him to reveal HIMSELF to you. Not what you want in life. Not what you want after you die. But ask Him to get to KNOW Him as a “person” A “person” who WANTS you to know them. He Loves you, He wants a personal relationship with you. Seek *Him*.

Until then Goodnight!