Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Last MOPS Meeting for the year

For the last year the children and I have been attending MOPS. (Mother's of Preschoolers) It is an organization to help get moms together who are in the same life stages. There is another group in my area that is like that, but secular. I like the fact that MOPS claims to be a Christian organization, so I am free to express my faith in Jesus Christ. Many women that attend MOPS may not be Christians, so this provides an opportunity for them to be exposed to the Gospel.

Each MOPS group has it's own flavor so to speak, and will often reflect the beliefs of the church that is hosting it. My church doesn't host MOPS, but a local Southern Baptist Church does. From the meetings I have been to, they once shared the gospel message around Easter time, which was very well done. The Lady who shared the Gospel emphasised the importance of knowing you were a sinner, and the only thing that would satisfy the justice of God was death. That death resulted in Hell, and Jesus came to the world as God in the flesh, took our sins upon him, and God's wrath was released upon Jesus for our sin. The blood of Jesus was offered to God on the mercy seat as testimony that all sins were paid for by His blood, and God accepted that payment and is satisfied. One could not get into heaven by the things that they have done, and only trusting in the finished work of Christ would make them acceptable before God.

I was very happy to see that there was such a clear gospel presentation at MOPS. It wasn't a water downed gospel at all.

MOPS runs by semesters so last MOPS meeting was the last one for the Summer. Each MOPS meeting has a little theme, and the last one was "Tea and Testimony"

A few days before the meeting, my MOPS coordinator called and asked for me to share a testimony. I told her over the phone, that I would like to give a testimony, but I really couldn't think of anything worth testifying about. ( I know that probably sounds horrible!)

She asked me to think about it, and if I so decided not to do it, then she would understand, but she thought I would do a good job. When I immediately hung up the phone, a testimony came into my mind, so I believe that is what the Lord wanted me to speak about.

There were only a few things that I have gotten up in front of a group to speak, and I did a horrible job. One was in college, where we had to give an oral report, and another time was for my Sister In Law's bridal shower, which I stumbled my words all over the place.

The idea came to my head to write out my testimony word for word, and just read it out loud. I remembered that Johnathon Edwards the famous preacher, read his sermons. So if he could do that, than why not me?

That day, I got up there, and I did it. I couldn't believe it! The only reason I got up there was for the pure fact that I believe that God wanted me to share my testimony, otherwise I would of never gotten up there!

My testimony was along the lines of what I have been learning in my Firm Foundations Bible Study. It was the first lesson that I learned. If you want to know what it was, read it here.

As part of the Tea and Testimony theme every one's discussion group had to decorate their own tables. Our table came up with a citrus theme. Our group did not know what a big deal it was going to be, so our table wasn't as fancy as the other tables, but I think it turned out *very* pretty nonetheless.

One girl provided the china and silver. The China was her Great Grandmothers. Another girl provided a lace table cloth, and a bowl to put the lemons in. I provided a crystal container to put the limes in, I made napkins out of an old sheet, and napkin rings to match the lime and lemons with scrape materials that I had already at home. Each of us bought some lemon and limes, which we ended up having way to many in the end. But it turned out so pretty I thought. I like to call our table the frugal table because we just pulled together what we had. The other tables ended up buying a lot of things to decorate their tables. I must admit they were beautiful, and they gave me ideas for another time, but they each must of spent a small fortune on it. So I am kind of happy we were clueless. I only spent like $5.00 for my lemons and limes!

This was the Table we decorated

This was another Table. The theme was antique Baby things. Someone made these really neat plates that had Victorian baby pictures on them. It had old toys, and bibs, and shoes, etc. There were silver baby cups with pink roses tucked inside of them. This was my favorite table.

This table's theme was Pink flowers and brown I think. Again someone made these really neat plates. They took huge candle plates in the shape of a flower, and decoupaged a black and white photo of their children underneath it. You can't see it, but it was really neat!

This Table was a tropical theme. I thought that the hibiscus flowers they used were such a neat idea!


Mrs. C said...

The tables all look so lovely! I've only been to 1 MOPS meeting (a couple of years ago), but it seemed like a lot of fun.

Your "frugal fruit" table looks very nice!

MomOf3 said...

I am in a MOPS group too. Your Tea and Treasure tables look gorgeous! :)

MrsMomma said...

What lovely tables! I'm glad your testimony went well!

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