Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ping Learning Folders

In order for the girls to retain all the information that they learned about Ping, we made up special folders called Learning folders. Sometimes called lap books. Sweetie and Bean both made one, and I wanted to share with you. This may be a long post, but I know family like grandma's (wink, wink) will like to read about it. The is the front of Sweeties Folder. She colored the duck, and it was her idea to add the grass and the water and sun in the back ground.

Open up the folder and this is what you see next. In the middle is a duckie craft that both girls did. It a bunch of different shapes, and they had to color and cut the shapes out. Then they glued it properly onto a piece of construction paper.

On the left flap is an envelope that says, "How Many Are In Pings Family?" Sweetie had to remember the answer which was 68. Inside the envelope are 68 tiny ducks in a plastic baggie.

On the right flap is the little mini book that they had to color scenes from the The Story About Ping and put them in order.

Underneath the book is a little pocket that says "Things I Remembered about Ping" Then there is a little book in that pocket which Sweetie in her own words wrote what she remembered.

Here is what she remembered:

Ping crossed the bridge on the wise eyed boat

Ping was very careful not to be the last to cross the bridge

If He was last he would get a spank on his back

He hid from the boat

He couldn't find the wise eyed boat anywhere

He got a spank on his back

He found his family

He saw birds with rings around their necks

Ping ate little fish and snails

The Boy had a rice cake in his hand

Ping lived on the Yangtze River in China

There was a barrel on the boys back

The Yangtze river was yellow

Open up the folder even more. Sweetie colored a map and flag of China. Underneath the map is a booklet that says, "Facts About China"

This is Sweeties Remembrance of what we learned about China:

It has a Big City with a Restaurant

They have a flag

Chinese people like to eat rice

In the country, Chinese people don't have pottys

They have big dragon drawings

They ride bicycles to work

Chinese people like to eat ducks

They have a river called the Yangtze River

In the middle is a Sink Float Chart for when we learned about buoyancy. Above the chart is a picture of a little Chinese girl. Next to her, is a picture of the ring necked bird from the story about Ping.

On the right side is a booklet that says, "Facts About Ducks"

Sweeties remembrance of Ducks:

They float on water

Ducks can go Quack Quack Quack

They lay eggs

Ducks can eat little fish

They can drink water.

Fold the right flap over, and there is a folded piece of paper that says Facts About Ships.

Sweeties Remembrance Of Ships:

1. Why do Boats Float? Because they have air in them

2. What is the person in charge of the ship called? The Captain

3. What do Boat's Carry? People, Cruise ships, Cars, Wood, Food, Animals

4. There are many different kinds of boats. What are some of them called? Submarines, Sailboats, Moter Boat, Rowboat, Warships.

Fold the right flap over again, and there is a little yellow book that says, "Fun Things We Did". This hold pictures of some of the extra special things we did which were:

1. Feed live Ducks

2. Our Chinese Meal

3. The Girls Origami boats

4. Floating the Origami boats

Sweetie told me in her own words about the pictures.

For the ducks: We were feeding the ducks bread. Sarah our friend came too. The Ducks knew we had bread and came right up to us. One Duck caught bread. It was rainy that Day. We had a fun time!

For the Chinese meal:

The Chinese meal was very good. We had broccoli, rice, chicken and egg rolls. We ate on the coffee table. We made Chinese Lanterns, and put a candle of fire in them to make them glow. We ate with chop sticks!

For the Origami boats:

We colored the paper. Mine was purple. Mommy made my paper into a boat. Mommy folded the paper, which is called origami.

For Floating the boats:

We did the boats, we even put them in water, and Tiny Boy put a cup in the water and we took it out. The boats floated!

Fold the right flap again, and it showed the cover of the folder

This is the front of Bean's Folder. Hers is very much like Sweeties but a bit different. I will post the pictures that show the differences, but I won't post the ones that are the same as Sweeties.

Bean's Duckie Craft. I had to cut for her, since her moter skills aren't developed enough to cut they way this craft needed to be cut.

Bean's coloring of the map of China.

Now I will write her answers to the little booklets that are in the folder. First we shall start with "Facts About Ducks"

Bean's Remembrance:

They Swim

They waddle

They Fly

They say, "Quack Quack"

They have web feet

They have a beak

What Bean Remembered About Ping:

The Yangtze River

When the master called the ducks he said, "La, La, La, La, Li"

Ping liked to eat fish and snails

Ping eats the rice cake

Ping tried to be first on the boat so he wouldn't get spanked

Ping was snatched up, and the man wanted to eat him

The Boy put ping back in the river

The Boy was wearing a barrel on his back

I did not like the wise eyed boat

Ping hid so he wouldn't get spanked

In the end Ping got spanked!

Bean's facts about China:

Chinese people eat noodles

They eat vegetables

They eat chicken

They go to school

In the country they have no potty

It has the Yangtze River, which has yellow water

They Drink Tea

They use chopsticks

Bean's Facts About Ships:

The man who drives the boat is called what? A Captain of The Master of the Boat (she remembered this from The Story About Ping)

Why does the boat float? Because it is full of air

What Kind of boats are there? Submarines, Rowboat, Sail boat, Chinese Junk, Moter boat

Bean's own words about the pictures we took:

The Ducks: We feed the ducks. We fed them bread and cheerios to them. They came to us, I liked the ducks; They were saying "quack, quack, quack." My friend Sarah fed them bread too.

The Chinese Meal: I like to eat Chinese. But I want to eat a duck. We made Chinese lanterns and put fire under it. We ate rice, chicken and broccoli, and egg rolls. We sat at the coffee table, and we get pillows to sit on. And we sit up. I ate with chop sticks.

The Origami Boats: I colored a square piece of paper. I drew a sun, water, and sky and a boat. Three boats. Mommy folded into a boat. The Chinese call it Origami

Floating the boats: We floated our origami boats. I liked it, because mommy taught us to float the boats.

So there you have it. Their first learning folders. I plan on doing something like this with each Five In A Row Book that we complete.


Mrs. C said...

Just wonderful! They will never forget The Story About Ping. :)
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