Friday, November 30, 2007

Tea Cup and Tutus

There are two things I would like to show you today. The first item is this tea cup. In antique people or collectors opinions, this tea cup isn't worth much. However, it means a lot to me.
Growing up, my Dad traveled frequently due to business. One day, when he was on an especially long business trip, the door bell rang. Mom opened the door and there was a flower delivery man with a huge bouquet of bright beautiful flowers for my mom. On the card it said something to the effect of my dad missed my mom

I was admiring mom's flowers, when to both of our surprise the flower man said he had another bouquet in the truck and he would be back in a moment.
When he came back, he was carrying this tea cup with daises and pink carnations arranged inside of it. I felt so special after receiving those flowers! I can't remember what the card said, but just the fact that my dad also thought of me besides my mom made me feel so warm inside.
I can't remember how old I was when I got those flowers. Not very old. I am thinking around 12 or 13.
My Dad is such a sweet, caring, and compassionate guy. He sure helped me to know what kind of qualities I should look for in a husband. Thankfully, my husband takes great care of me too. :)
Still, my Dad is there for me. He sometimes even babysits my kids. :) On his own, without any help. He amazes me even. Three times now he has put on Tiny Boy's diaper, backwards. Perfectly. ;-)

The next thing I would like to show you is part of my Tackle It Tuesday Post. Remember when I said I was going to try and make two tutus that night? Well, I got one done instead of both. I just finished the other one tonight.
I made these for my girls for Christmas. Bean is starting to be interested in Ballerinas so I thought it would be fun to make these. Sweetie also will like it. They were very easy to make. All I did was tie tulle around a piece of elastic that fits around their waists.

Sweetie's is on the left, and Bean's is on the right. Thanks for looking! To read and look at what other's are showing and telling about today, click on the Show and Tell Button at the Top of my Post. Have a good day! :)


jennifer said...

I love love love the tea cup that your dad had sent for you. My dad died before I was born and if he lived it sounds like your dad would be the dad to be like!

Tutu is too too cute...I also love the quilt it is on!

Lady_MSnow said...

That is so sweet how your dad thought of you! I think the cup is beautiful. :D

Jane said...

I love your tea cup - what a thoughtful father you had. Special memories. My Dad would always send me a gift on Valentines Day - Still to this day - I look forward to the special gift from my Dad.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love both the teacup and tutus. What a wonderful mom you are to fulfill the ballerina's dreams.

Take care,

Mica Garbarino said...

sweet story... The tea cup may not be worth $$$$... it is truly priceless when it comes to a memory like this.


Hootin' Anni said...

Yes!! That tea cup would be a prized possession of mine too, if it came from my dad! How wonderful.

I have a tea set today myself for show n tell. Drop by if you can. :o)

Kelly said...

I absolutely loved this share! My father is so special to me, and it's really neat reading about other daddy/daughter relationships. :o) How true about our daddies being the ones to model godly men for us. I've learned so much from mine in that department and praise Jesus for such an awesome man to call Dad. The teacup is just lovely!!

P.S. Your tutus are adorable, as well!

Have a super blessed Friday!

Penless Thoughts said...

The tea cup is lovely and the "tell" even lovelier :o) Good job on the tutus.

PEA said...

I always say the most worthy antiques are the ones that aren't worth much in dollars but is priceless in terms of precious memories...just like your tea cup. What a very special story that comes with it! Love the tutus also:-) xo

MrsMomma said...

Beautiful tea cup! I remember the first time dad surprised me with flowers. It is a special moment! *sigh* I'm a big daddy's girl.

I love the tutus! They sound so easy to make, I would have never thought to tie them. Great job!


Mary said...

The tea cup is beautiful and such a wonderful keepsake. I know how precious it is to you.

Love the tutus and the girls will too. How nice that you have been given the gift of sewing. I've tried to learn but it is hopeless.


ellen b. said...

Wow! I understand why that cup is so special! What a thoughtful man your dad is. The tutu's are so sweet. I can see little girls twirling in them...

Lana G! said...

Tea cup and tutus - Love them both! Your dad is one awesome man!

Lana G!

Retha said...

What an amazing father you have. That is what is making your cup, but this you know already.
Thank you for sharing this lovely story.
The 'ballerinas ' will look wonderful.

Persuaded said...

Hey girlie, I know you! Can you guess who this is?

BTW, I love the teacup story:-)

jennifer said...

I am so sorry to read about your friend's child dying. It is very hard to get over, and I will say a prayer.

nannykim said...

what a nice story to go with the tea cup/ I bet not many Dad's have thought of doing that!! The little tutu---thingies are great!

Kitty's Country Kitchen said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog at the homesteadblogger. I love looking at blogs and things people have on them. Also thanks for the comment about my daughters decorating skills. She is 24 and I have to say that got a little bit of her mad skills from her mom,LOL. But in fairness, she has a better imagination going for her. She is in her last few semesters of nursing school and has a passion for vintage items, as you could tell. Well have a wonderful weekend and again, thanks for visiting me....Kitty

Mommy said...

Your tea cup is beautiful. My Dad did similar things and I always felt special too.
You did a great job on the tutus:) I know the girls will love them.

Becky said...

Love the tutus. I have my tutu from childhood hanging on my wall with my tap shoes. I should show and tell them someday.

Kelli said...

What a sweet story about your wonderful dad! The teacup is a perfect keepsake! You did a great job on the tutus...they are so cute!

Sharon said...

The tea cup is beautiful and what a wonderful story behind it. I am impressed with the tutus!

:0) Sharon