Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Rainbow

Show and Tell

For a few years I have been wanting to get this type of play set for our children. I had been looking at sets from and was really thinking about getting the ones that they sell.

My mom and dad offered to chip in for a play set for the kids as part of their Christmas gift to them. Mom mentioned that my sister's play set that she had bought from SAMS was literally falling apart.

The swing beam was unsafe for the kids to swing on, the wood was splintering and coming apart, etc.

After talking with my sister, I decided to start shopping around. I found one from Play Nation and posted about it on a Internet board I am part of.

One lady posted about her play set that was called a Rainbow, and that it lasted through all of her kids rough play. Her kids are now grown, so they took it down and gave it to someone else.

The next day, my mom called me and told me that they had done some shopping around and found a really nice one called a Rainbow.

The dealership near them had a great sale going on for Christmas, plus free delivery and installation included.

Mom gave me the catalog that they picked up from the dealership. Inside was a promotional DVD. The girls and I sat down and watched it. Of course after seeing that, they wanted one too. ;-) On our way to Michigan we stopped by the dealership to drop off papers to complete the transaction. The girls saw all of their models and were excited and thought we were buying one. I told them that Daddy was talking to the man, and we would see how much it would cost.

When Daddy got back in the van, he said it was too much money. Sweetie began to cry. :( While we were in Michigan we had it installed.

We arrived home late at night, and put the kids right to bed. The next morning, I went about my day like I always do. Opening blinds, straightening up the living room etc.

I was on the computer when Sweetie shouted, "THERE'S A PLAYGROUND IN OUR BACK YARD!!!!" Bean hopped up from what she was doing and ran over to look out our glass sliding door. She started jumping up and down, "THERE IS, THERE IS!!!!"

I pretended I didn't notice what they were doing. They came running over to me, shouting and jumping up and down. I turned and listened to them, and said in a skeptical tone, "No there is not, your telling me a story." Bean said, "There is a Rainbow in our back yard!" I said, "I don't believe you!"

"Come and See!!!" They both said. So I get up like I am somewhat annoyed, and go over to the door. I then said, "Now how did *that* get here?!" Sweetie says, "Maybe the Rainbow people brought it?" I then said, "But how would they know we wanted one?" Bean then pipes in, "Maybe Daddy told them?"

I then smiled and explained that Nana and Papa, help Mommy and Daddy buy it for them for Christmas. Also, Grandma and Grandpa gave mommy and daddy some money to help us buy it.

They got dressed real quick, and played on it until lunch and rest time. Then went out and played on it until it was too dark to see. :)

It comes with a rock wall too!
Tiny Boy trying out the slide
Tiny Boy on the Swing

Bean Checking out the binoculars, and Sweetie climbing up the ladder.

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Barbara H. said...

What a wonderful surprise! I am glad you found one at a great price.

Martie said...

What a wonderful play place for the children. I am sure they will enjoy it for many years to come.


Hootin' Anni said...

What a fantastic Show n Tell for us!!! I love all the photos you shared and the story behind it all. Super.

nannykim said...

Very cool way of doing this for your kiddos---I will have to tell my daughter about this ;-)

Mrs. C said...

What a fantastic surprise!!! This investment will most certainly pay for itself.

My kids would love to have a playset like that, but we just let them use the one at the church instead. :)

Mrs. C

MrsMomma said...

I can just imagine the excitement! No doubt they will treasure that morning forever!


Judy said...

That is a wonderful surprise. I could feel their excitement.

Gattina said...

Wow ! that was a wonderful surprise for the kids and also a very generous gift !!

Dawn said...

What fun and what a wonderful surprise for your family!

Penless Thoughts said...

What a wonderful show and tell and a memory your kids will have forever!!

ellen b. said...

What a fun surprise for your children! I'm sure you'll get your monies worth of enjoyment out of that nice piece of equiptment! Blessings...

Nora Lee said...

That is too sweet; they will have so many memories of this play set, and I am sure you will too watching them enjoy themselves.


MammyT said...

I love it! Don't you love to "trick" your kids with the most fun blessings? They are beautiful children. Great Show and Tell.

TJ said...

what a great story! How exciting for the kids.

Lynne said...

A great show and Tell and a wonderful surprse for your children.

Mommy said...

That is so wonderful. I think that the pictures are great:)

Cookie Sunshine said...

Oh, I want a playground like that!
Thanks for sharing.
-Cookie Sunshine

Kelli said...

That is such a fun surprise!! How exiting! I love all th pictures of them playing on it!