Monday, November 5, 2007

Storm In the Night Learning Folders

I finally have a bit of time to write about the girl's Storm in the Night learning folders. It has been really busy around here, I still haven't caught up!

Well anyway, this is the cover. I had the girls color clouds again, in which we pasted them to the "doors" of the folder. Then Sweetie, and Bean colored rain drops from the clouds.

This is the first look inside the folder once you open it up. On the left side is a cloud booklet with different types and examples of clouds. I found the different clouds on the Internet and we pasted them under the appropriate names.

Beneath that booklet is another called: What is Electricity?, in which the girls tried, in their own words to describe electricity. Since this is Sweetie's folder, her says, "Energy that creates power". I must admit that I had to give her alot of prompting. Such big words for a five year old!

On the right side of the flap is a booklet that says "Facial Expressions" Inside the girls had to draw a person looking left, right, up, and down. We also played a little game, where I did different expressions and the girls had to guess what my emotion was.

Underneath is their Five Senses Journal. This is the experiment in which we smelt, tasted, looked, touched, and heard different mediums. You can read about that in Rowing The Storm in the Night. :)

To the right of that is another booklet where I asked the girls what they were afraid of. Sweetie put in hers:

1. Snakes and Spiders

2. Getting My Hair Washed

3. Breaking a teapot and stepping on it

4. Fire

Underneath that booklet is a pocket that holds the Verse:

Fear thou not; for I with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God.... Isaiah 41:10a

Then flip one of the flaps to the right and underneath are the girls art work. Here they colored clouds again, used a coffee filter as an umbrella, and a pipe cleaner for the handle. They glued them to the paper, and colored rain drops.

On the right flap is a booklet about storms. Unfold it, and this is inside:

1. How Are Clouds Made? ~ The sun goes on the water and makes it warm. The water comes up. You can't really see that. That makes the water cold. It turns to water. It bunches up together and makes a cloud.

2. Why Does It Rain?~ We need rain. There's water in the cloud. The cloud keeps getting heavier and heavier. It breaks and then it rains

3. Why Does It Lightning? ~ Molecules rub together and makes electricity which makes it lightning.

4. Why Does it Thunder?~ Cause the lightning, is very very hot. When we touch it, it feels like fire. It makes the air around the lightning pop.

Underneath the Storms book, is another book with pictures of all the fun things we did with Storm in the Night. You can see those same exact pictures on the blog here.

Open another portion of the folder and you will see an American flag. This story took place in America, so we colored an American Flag, Underneath the flag is a light bulb where the girls listed all the items that they could think of that produced light. Here is Sweetie's list:

1. Lightning

2. Light Bulbs

3. Lightning Bugs

4. Flashlights

5. Lamps

6. Fire

7. Sun

8. Gas

9. God

Next to the flag is a pocket with a little book in it, that girls had to remember things about the story they read. Sweeties were:

1. They were in the dark because the electricity went out

2. Grandfather was telling a story about Melvin (his dog when Grandfather was a boy)

3. The lightning crashed into the Beech tree, and the branch fell down.

4. Thomas could hear better in the dark

5. The lights came back on and they turned them off and went to Bed.

6 Thomas could smell better in the dark.

Underneath the pocket is an envelope with letters that Sweetie wrote to her grandparents.

On the far right flap is the Onomatopoeia booklet. In the story there were several. Here is Sweetie's definition and examples:

It's something that sounds like something, that it's really not. "tickety, tickety, tickety" "Bong, Bong, Bong, Bong" "Ping, Ping, Ping" "tick tock, tick tock" "Bang, Bang, Bang" "Honk, Honk, Honk"

Underneath the Onomatopoeia are word definitions found in the story. The vocabulary words were: Mandarin, Bough and Errand.

Close over one flap, and there are examples of Similes from the Story:

"Thunder like mountains blowing up."

"Thomas had a chin as smooth as a peach"

"Grandfather had a voice like a tuba"

"That man was seven feet tall and had a face like a crack in the ice."

Bean's folder is basically the same, but I will tell you her differences from Sweeties.

For the What is Electricity? This was her rendition: Energy that creates Power

For the Storms Booklet:

How Are Clouds Made?~ Water gather alot in the air and it gets heavier and heavier and heavier
Why Does It Rain?~ The water clouds are dark, and the clouds pops open and it rains
Why Does It Lightning?~ There is electricity in the air
Why Does it Thunder?~ The lightning pops the air like a balloon

Things I am Afraid of booklet:
1. Bad Guys
2. Thunderstorms and Lightning
3. The Dark
4. Fire

Light Bulb List:
1. Electricity
2 Light bulbs
3. Sun
4. Fire
5. Batteries in flash light
6. God

Things I Remember About Thomas and Grandfather:
1. They were in the dark
2.The Cat's name was Ringo
3. Thomas Smiled in the Shadows
4. Ringo the Cat won't grow up to be a Kangaroo
5. Grandfather was a boy once and had a dog and they were pups together
6. The lights came on

Bean's Onomatopoeia's :
"Bong, Bong, Bong, Bong"
"tickety, tickety, tickety"
"Beep Beep"
"Bang, Bang, Bang"

The rest was pretty much like Sweetie's folder. In looks and in answers. So that is the Storm in the Night Learning Folder. Hope you enjoyed! :)